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Straight from Young Boba Fett, your questions are answered, care of The Boba Fett Fan Club. Daniel Logan answers to all the speculation surrounding Revenge of the Sith and even the recent news from the George Lucas AFI Gala about the Star Wars TV show.

Mike McGann, Southwick, USA: Are you in Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith?

Hopefully this will not spoil it for anyone, but no I am not in Episode III. As much as I would like to have been, Boba took some time off during this Episode.

John, New Orleans, USA: Are you in any of the cut scenes from the movie

No. I did not do any filming for Episode III.

Are you going to have anything to do with the new Star Wars television series, which is supposed to take place after Revenge of the Sith?

I currently have nothing to do with the new TV series. However, I would love to be involved with it, so I will keep my fingers crossed!

I was down for Star Wars celebration in Orlando Florida Where you gave me an autograph on my T-shirt of you from Episode 2 and picture of you. How were you feeling? Someone told that you were sick. I can’t thank you enough for letting me get to meet you — those 2 minutes made my whole vacation.

Thank you very much. I would also like to say thanks to you and all the other wonderful people who attended the Disney Star Wars Weekend. I always have a great time in Orlando and hope I am invited back in the future. I had a bit of the stomach flu on the Sunday of the event this year. I was not in top form, but made it through the day. Once again, thanks for attending and thanks to all the great cast members at Disney for helping out over the weekends.

Shawn, Magalia, CA, USA: Hey, Happy b-day! Did you enjoy playing Boba?

Thanks, I am now 18! I loved playing Boba Fett. It is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am honored and proud to be a part, however small, in the Star Wars saga.

What was it like to work with Temuera Morrison?

Working with Tem was great. He was always helpful and nice to me and my family. I actually admired his work even before I knew I was going to work with him. I watched him in a film called â€Â?”Once Were Warriors.” He plays a bad man in that film, but I admired his acting abilities in it. I was a bit nervous to meet him at first, but he made it easy for me and we have gotten along ever since. In fact, I am going on a tour of Japan with Tem later this month (June 2005). I am looking forward to it!

Chrys, USA: Have you ever considered auditioning for one of the Harry Potter movies?

I would love to be in a Harry Potter film! I know many of the cast and consider them good friends. I have to admit, I have been on the sets of Harry Potter many times and dreamt what it would be like to put on the Hogwarts robes and be a part of it. If the roll comes up where they need a New Zealand exchange student, I will be there, first in line at the auditions!

Cecilia, Arizona, USA: When you were making Attack of the Clones, did you ever not get along with the other cast members?

I actually got along with all the cast and crew. Everyone on set was like an extended family. We had breakfast and lunch together everyday. I have nothing but fond memories and am glad to say that everyone was great.

When you were filming, did you ever really “feel” like Boba? Its hard to put it into words, but what I mean is, did you feel like you were becoming Boba when you played him, in a way?

Having Jango & Boba’s apartment and Slave I set was a big help in getting into the spirit of Boba. Also, a big help was Temuera Morrison. Him walking around in the armor, helmet and jet pack gave me inspiration.

When you watched Attack of the Clones, did you ever feel embaressed whenever you saw yourself? Or if you were to watch it today, would you blush and think “Oh jeeze, thats me!”

I do not now nor have I ever felt embarrassed about watching myself in the film. Obviously, since I was only 13 when I filmed and I am now 18, I look a bit different. In saying that, it is a bit funny to see myself and how much I have changed.

Have you ever seen fanart people have done of young Boba, and if so, how does it feel to know people draw you?

As a matter of fact I have seen many fan art of young Boba. I have seen drawings, paintings, CGI images and even sculptures. They range from professional artists to young children. I appreciate and enjoy all of them.

Landry Boissy: This isn’t so much a question, as it is more of a comment. We went to the Star Wars Weekend at MGM studios, and were quite pleased with Daniel Logan’s personality and generosity of attention he gave to his fans. Florida is very hot and it can get pretty tiring, I am sure, signing all day long, but he never rushed anyone thru and spent a great deal of time pleasing his fans. Thanks Daniel, for being a true celebrity in our eyes.

I am blushing now. Thanks for the wonderful comments. As I said in a previous question about the Star Wars weekends, I always have a great time and love to meet all the people who also have to deal with the heat.

Thank you to everyone who asked a question and has read through my answers. Until next time, take care.

Daniel Logan

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