Veitch/Kennedy Brought Back Fett

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“So we put Fett in the script. And LucasFilm never said no,” reveals Tom Veitch, author of the Dark Empire comic series in the late 90’s who partnered with artist Cam Kennedy, in a newspaper article published yesterday.

“He helped bring back Boba Fett” by JENNIFER HUBERDEAU

One character Veitch and Kennedy brought back was bounty hunter Boba Fett. In “Star Wars Insider” issue 30, Jon Bradley Snyder interviewed Veitch about the resurrection of Fett, who was “eaten” by the Sarlacc pit monster in “Return of the Jedi.”

Veitch replied that he knew they could “bring back the Emperor, but nobody said anything about bringing back Boba Fett. As I worked on the plot, I researched fan feelings in Bennington, where ‘Star Wars’ role-playing was all the rage. Out of those heated discussions, one theme predominated: Bring back Boba Fett.”

“Part of it was the [role-playing] game alluded to it, then there was the movie quote and the armor. We assumed he could have survived,” Bliss said.

Kennedy, a fan of Fett, was also influential in bringing the bounty hunter back. Veitch told Snyder, “So we put Fett in the script. And LucasFilm never said no. The part about the Saarlac finding Fett ‘indigestible’ was a joke, sort of.”

Veitch never defined how Boba Fett survived, that was defined later on in “West End Game’s Sourcebook.”

Read the entire article from the Bennington Banner newspaper. [Link no longer available at]

More about Dark Empire, including this famous line:

Boba Fett: Greetings, Solo.
Han Solo: Boba Fett! But you’re dead!
Boba Fett: The Sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible, Solo.

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    cam kennedy is the flippin man

  2. Jennifer Huberdeau says:

    Glad to see you guys liked the article. Thrilled to see it on a site.

  3. jesse says:

    I am so happy. It was so sad when he fell into the Sarlacc.

  4. Warlordjinsu says:

    What is all this? Of course he escaped the sarlacc! There are over 5 books which either talk about him escaping or being elsewhere post-ROTJ.
    Pointless Article…

  5. WarlordJinsu says:

    Oh- I see- they paved the way for the books and such- sorry

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  6. victor says:

    does anyone know what dark empire issue that was with the whole indigestible thing

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    death to Sky walker. Boba Fett Kicks ASS

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