The Mandalorian Way

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Mandalorians share the spotlight in the next issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine.

Good news, everyone!! Star Wars Insider #86 is going to be featuring a detailed article on the origins, customs, and the way of life of the Mandalorians. The article is going to be written by our favorite Mandalorian expert Karen Traviss, with artwork by webstrip favorite, Tom Hodges.

This issue should also be a treat for some of our female members, if this concept art of a female Mandalorian is any indication. Now finally, the women get a voice in the affairs of Mandalorian society.

See for the original report.

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  1. therealmccoy says:

    awesome =D

  2. Zara says:

    Oh now thats just too cool!! =3

  3. ben seekins says:

    can you send me a lot of pictures of bounty hunters?

  4. Sadriel_Fett says:

    There are quite a few pics on the Multimedia section of the website.

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