Sideshow Fett Figure Revealed

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Sideshow Collectibles has finally posted pictures of their new Boba Fett limited edition figure.

In a follow-up to our prior news release, Sideshow Collectibles has started to take pre-orders on their new Boba Fett figure. The figure will stand a whopping 19 inches tall, and include a weathered base, reminiscent of Jabba’s palace floor.

For more photos of the new figure, or to pre-order the figure:

The figure will put a dent in collector’s wallets, bigger than the dent on Boba’s helmet. Right now the cost of the figure is listed at $324.99, so it may be a little pricey for most. However, this is about normal pricing for Sideshow’s “Premium Format” series of Star Wars figures. So, this will probably be the cheapest you find it anywhere, as I’m sure the prices will be inflated on any online auction sites you may try to obtain the figure from later.

As an extra bonus, the figure will also include what is being promoted as a “wall mounted Mandalorian artifact.” A nice sandstone looking wall plaque, printed with the instantly recognizable Mandalorian Skull design.

In Addendum

On the Sideshow site, one fan commented that there are some parts of this that die-hard Fett fans might not like:

Toedrag Says:
July 15th, 2006 at 6:21 pm

I sent an e-mail concerning the discrepancies. The reply I received was that they work closely with Lucasfilm who approved this version.I’m here to tell you it’s wrong. It looks like it’s the ROTJ version your after. But here is why it’s not right:

  • The jumpsuit is too dark. This is the ESB version of the jumpsuit. The ROTJ version is much lighter and a different material.
  • The neck seal and vest should be the same color, but not this material. More of a shiny, slick material.
  • The helmet has the ESB color stripes of yellow. They should be red for ROTJ. The ear caps should be silver on both sides, not gold.
  • The rifle should have a more rustic color.
  • The pads on the gloves should not be the same color as the gloves. They should be different enough that they are separate.
  • The boots have a off red or darker tone on the elastic sides and front which is wrong.
  • The top left knee dart on the left knee armor should have a red stripe before the first plateau.
  • The left gauntlet has incorrect fuel hoses. And the top hose should be connected to that top portion, not under it. The hole for the air cord on the side of the gauntlet is closed off. How does it should out? There should be an opening and a tube.
  • Lastly the concave of the front of the helmet is too tight. It should angle out, not wrap around the face.

I hope for a $300+ item they will get these details right for the diehard Fett fans.

Good points. Anyone else notice? Other feedback around the web thus far is generally pleasing, although only a small percent may afford such a collectible.

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