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A Practical ManTeased at the recent Comic-Con International, presented today the cover art. Karen Traviss’s e-novella, A Practical Man, comes out next month from Del Rey.

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Here’s what Traviss had to say about the book during a publishing panel at Comic-Con International:

“Why did the Mandalorians side with the Yuuzhan Vong? What were they thinking? They’re not stupid, they had to have their reasons, and that was the gap I wanted to fill. It’s actually not what it seems. And the title, A Practical Man, is a reference to an obscure song that I’m not very sure few people would have heard in the UK. It’s about sticking to what you believe.”


The cover artist is Steven D. Anderson; the illustration is based on a recent publicity still.

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  1. fairyblood says:

    This makes me veeeerry happy right now.

  2. coolkid says:

    awesome but i hope traviss doesn’t fill it with mendoa language carp
    hate traviss

  3. john says:

    havent read it is it good

  4. aaron says:

    @john: “Karen Traviss’s e-novella, A Practical Man, comes out next month from Del Rey.”

  5. True Warrior says:

    AWESOMEIm so f’in happy right now…………………………………..Im speacless.

  6. John Rot Duart says:

    I’m really looking forward to this! It’s a little surprising that Traviss hasn’t read Ann Crispin’s Fett trilogy, The Bounty Hunter Wars, which was simply amazing. I hope that she isn’t full of herself, like a musician that won’t play any covers.

    A true fan wouldn’t be able to resist the other stories. Even Boba read fiction…

  7. John Rot Duart says:

    Oops, that should be K.W. Jeter on The Bounty Hunter Wars. (I was also impressed with the Han Solo Trilogy, written by Crispen)

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