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Why does his voice sound so familiar? Maybe because he sounds just like every other clone trooper in the Grand Army. Cingular has come out with some new Boba Fett cell phone ringtones, but not every Fett fan is going to be happy.

There has been much heated debate in the forums lately about George Lucas’ new Star Wars DVD re-release, with Temuera Morrison re-dubbing the voice of Boba Fett. While younger fans and those that are more continuity conscious agree that this makes sense, some of the more “old school” Fettie’s scream blasphemy!!

As mentioned in an earlier report, Cingular Wireless has been promoting many Star Wars graphics and ringtones for their various cell phones. This Fall, fans finally get some famous Boba Fett phrases to add to their phones. However, this may not be the Fett you’re looking for. Whether you swing to the left or to the right, the only version available for download at this time is the new Temuera Morrison re-dubbed version.

Cingular Wireless Star Wars Graphics and ringtones

You can visit the site at the above link and “test” hear the new re-dubbed version before deciding to download the rings to your phone.

Source: Cingular Wireless

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  1. Savagewulf says:

    I’m the continuity conscious fan and I do agree with the re dubbing but the original voice I find alot more menacing added to his mysterious profile. But hey it coulda been worse

  2. matt says:

    i have the “as you wish” boba fett ring tone…i thought it would be the original voice acting…i was and still am severely disappointed…morrison’s voice just doesn’t seem to embody the fett i fell in love with when i was a youngster.

  3. LJ Bad says:

    Fett is the best creation George Lucas has come up with and he doesn’t even know it. Fett deserves to have the darker voice that he started out with. Jango’s voice is just too goofy sounding to be Fett’s. My friends and I always make fun of Jango’s voice in the same way we make fun of other goofy sounding guys with accents like the Crocodile Hunter. Re-dubbing Fett was a bad move on Lucas’s part, but I’m not too surprised. After all, he completely butchered his good series with those AWFUL three prequels. It was only a matter of time before he went and raped Fett too.

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