Message Boards: Thriving

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The Sarlacc Bar message boards have been thriving recently, being updated daily, thanks to visitors like you.

The Boba Fett Fan Club Message Board

The boards are also now as green as a bounty hunter's Mandalorian armor. Last month we received over six million like-minded individuals with the same Boba Fettish. So, keep talking!

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3 thoughts on “Message Boards: Thriving

  1. Zoe-Fett says:

    The boards are down! What are you talking about?? (Yeah, I've seen the changes... but why are the boards down??)

  2. Zoe-Fett says:

    Er, I meant, as in 404, but it seems to be fixed (though still down in maintenance)

  3. aaron says:

    It's back, with nearly 20-30 posts daily, many users online at the same time, and new people signing up daily to use it. :)

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