Message Boards: Thriving

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Our “Sarlacc Bar” message boards have been thriving recently, being updated daily, thanks to visitors like you.

The boards are also now as green as a bounty hunter’s Mandalorian armor. Last month we received thousands of like-minded individuals with the same Boba Fettish. So, keep talking!

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  1. Zoe-Fett says:

    The boards are down! What are you talking about?? (Yeah, I’ve seen the changes… but why are the boards down??)

  2. Zoe-Fett says:

    Er, I meant, as in 404, but it seems to be fixed (though still down in maintenance)

  3. aaron says:

    It’s back, with nearly 20-30 posts daily, many users online at the same time, and new people signing up daily to use it. :)

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