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Everyone once and a while the internet offers up a new bastion, a bold new frontier, in which a lone bounty hunter can survive, prosper, and build an ever-growing fan base. The biggest thing since Wikipedia has arrived and it is YouTube. Just like internet encyclopedias, Boba Fett is not left out. Here are 18 of the best finds on

YouTube has an array of videos that you can watch which include our favorite character in the Star Wars universe. You can see people lip sync to MC Chris’ “Fett’s Vette,” and catch several of his cameos on popular television series such as Comedy Central’s Drawn Together and the vintage classic Holiday Special cartoon.

For the “Fett’s Vette” fanatics, we nod our collective heads:

  • Fett’s Vette
    0:19 by WishingToBe
    ” Me reciting fett’s vett for jives cus that way he will think i am cool. yeah. dont ask.”
  • Fett’s Vette – Stop Motion Animation 2:31 by CRojas
    “CRRAMMstudios: Carlo Rojas co-directs with Rachel Mariscal a student stop-motion music video production of MC Chris’ song “Fett’s Vette”. Carlo and Rachel animated for over 48 hours straight while listening to the song on a loop the entire time. Representing the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York these two are big fans of the mc.”
  • Fett’s Vette – Lip Sync w/ Helmet 0:52 by fettyvetty
    “me in a boba fett helmet lip syncing fettes vette”
  • MC Chris – Fett’s Vette Live 3:26 by turkeyandbacon
    “MC Chris live in Chicago, “Fett’s Vette””
  • Fett’s Vette 3:29 by lollipopdvl
    “I thought it would be funny to do this… but I think I just look really dumb.”

For those looking for creative genius:

  • TDH Drawn Together Boba Fett Clip
    1:34 by Renga
  • Welcome to Eltingville – Bring me the Head of Boba Fett 22:38 by smundo
    “An Adult Swim one-shot by comic creator Evan Dorkin. It’s a shame this never made it, I think it’s kinda funny.”
  • Predator vs. Boba Fett 1:39 by frak
    “a little fan film shot all in camera on a super8, then trimmed and effected a bit in final cut”

For those who like to keep the camcorders rollin’ for some universally funny moments:

  • Boba and Jango Comedy Skit
    2:44 by NovusOrdoAus
    “Jango Fett wants Boba to make em some Eggs! The Novus Ordo Star Wars Costuming Club of Australia does a comedy skit about Boba and Jango Fett and some Eggs at the SupaNova Brisbane 2006 Cosplay Competition. Watch “Once Were Warriors” –… staring Temuera Morrison and you’ll understand what the “Eggs” are all about.”
  • Boba and Jango Comedy Skit – Better Angle 3:00 by cbstudios
    “the galaxys second father and son, on stage and having a heart to heart at Supanova 2006…”
  • Boba Fett cardboard tube fight 0:25 by Eikiji
    “Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) fighting with a little boy at the Pittsburgh Comicon ’06”
  • Jango Fett Song and Dance 0:23 by JamieCoville
    “From the 2006 Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon. There was a costume contest, this guy won first place in the Expert category.”

To the purist fans:

  • Boba Fett (Old-School)
    0:28 by ETAndElliot
    “Boba Fett’s voice was originally provided by Jason Wingreen. For the DVD release of The Empire Strikes Back, all of his lines were re-recorded by Temuera Morrison. This is the original Boba Fett dialogue.”
  • Star Wars Holiday Special 9:43 by dewolfe001
    “This is the only shining light from the Star Wars Christmas Special (okay: this and Harvey Korman in drag). The first appearance of Boba Fett.”
  • Star Wars Holiday Special – Same as Above 9:40 by mystah
    ” cartoon from the 1978 christmas special”
  • The Legacy of Boba Fett 3:35 by kainrath
    “the origin, the legacy, the legend”
  • Kenner Ad: Han Solo figure gets frozen in carbonite
    0:19 by HellCat86
    “Corellians and kitchen appliances don’t mix”

For the real home movies, where really does justice:

  • Death of Boba Fett 0:03 by chucknasty
    Lego Boba Fett dies by the mysterious screw!
  • Many, many more available at your own leisure, searching
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  1. Sadriel Fett says:

    The Legacy of Boba Fett clip is pretty neat. I wonder where the music if from?

  2. Quiet_Mandalorian says:

    Why is that execrable “Fett vs Predator” video liked? It’s obvious the maker doesn’t appreciate the character (or his capabilities for that matter).

  3. coolkid says:

    predatorvsbobafett had cool camera but all that suspense builds into just three punches

  4. fairyblood says:

    The screw thing is my personal favorite. Mainly because I am very easy to entertain.

  5. Mrs Boba Fett says:

    Haha! Those were pretty cool.

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