2016 ILM Art Department Challenge: Boba Fett Finalists

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The winners and “survivors” (aka finalists) were just announced for the 2016 ILM Art Department Challenge. Since artists won, not just individual art pieces, we found that within several of the portfolios were pieces with Boba Fett. Here is our round-up of those entries, starting with the artist who took home first place:

Mario Alberti

Dimitrije Miljus

Darius Kalinauskas

Robin Florie

Pablo Carpio

Darren Pattenden

Matt Rhodes

Walter De Marco

Jessica TC Lee

Ray Jin

Chris Sears

Pablo Olivera

Denis Loebner

Tam Nguyen (Tamnt)

Paul Massey

Jacek Babinski

Romain D’escrienne


Paul Dainton

Adam Middleton

Aaron Luke Wilson

Caleb Havertape

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