Vote #TeamBoba in "This Is Madness 2016" Match-Up: Boba Fett vs. General Hux

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[UPDATE: Boba Fett won with 70% of the vote.]

After Jango Fett failed to move on (in what looks an awful lot like voter fraud, by the way), it's now time for Boba Fett to have a shot in's "This Is Madness" popularity contest.

Starting Tuesday March 22nd at 10am PST * and lasting just 24 hours, it's Boba Fett vs. General Hux.


Stay tuned during the day on March 22nd for incremental updates.

Analysis of the Vote

Here's a tally of how the vote is going:

  • 3/23 9:59am: Boba Fett won with 70% of the vote
  • 3/22 11:09pm: Boba Fett still has 69%
  • 3/22 9:08pm: Boba Fett has 69%
  • 3/22 6:31pm: Boba Fett still has 68%
  • 3/22 4:16pm: Boba Fett still has 68%
  • 3/22 12:26pm: Boba Fett has 68%
  • 3/22 12:07pm: Boba Fett has 69%
  • 3/22 11:09am: Boba Fett has 68%
  • 3/22 10:59am: Boba Fett has 69%
  • 3/22 10:25am: Boba Fett has 79%
  • 3/22 10:20am: Boba Fett has 83%
  • 3/22 10:09am *: the site appears to still show the previous match, even though matches are supposed to switch at 10am PST Monday - Friday

See our first post on this year's Fett match-up for our two cents on the technology used for the poll.

Ways You Can Still Help

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