Fix for Bounty Hunter? Add Boba.

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Did anyone else think Bounty Hunter, the game from LucasArts that follows Jango Fett, was a mad-dash to cash-in on the buzz? Will Scott of reimagines the game or its imaginary sequel, swapping in Boba Fett for his Episode II pop.

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The Fix: Bounty Hunter II - Boba's Revenge

The Plot

Gamers control Boba Fett, the son of the original game's protagonist, in his adventures between Episodes III and IV. The general gist of the plot would be Boba seeking to establish himself as the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter, and we can view his early history working for Jabba the Hutt and the disintegrations mentioned by Vader in Empire.

The Game

Bounty Hunter would work best as a GTA-style sandbox game, with an overarching plot. Plot missions would concern important bounties and the various plots against other bounty hunters, while players could choose to spend their time between missions chasing down the random bounties in the various cities of the galaxy. The game would necessarily be fairly massive - like about two to three times the size of San Andreas, if the current generation of consoles can handle that. Give Boba, say, three major cities - Coronet City, a portion of Coruscant, and Mos Eisley (because everyone likes those cities...), as well as a few other areas to conduct plot missions. The player should be able to move between each city through space travel on Slave I...though at most, this would be a simple Kingdom Hearts II-style travel, not a full-on space sim (as much as I'd love it).

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Our very own message board has some discussion, and opinions, on the game as well. Our Games > Arcade section has a profile on the game, Bounty Hunter, with screenshots and links to walk-thrus, interviews, and more information.

In related news, the new Star Wars game for PlayStation Portable (PSP), Star Wars: Lethal Action, includes Boba Fett. It was released on December 5, 2006. Critical review is mixed, as revealed in's spectrum.

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  1. BobaFan says:

    Hmm.... good idea. I think airspeeders should be included and speeder bikes. Buyable weapons would be cool, such as a cloud city guard pistol and a grenade lancher (two of boba's side weapons.)

  2. Fett fan says:

    Ooh, interesting. I've always hoped that LucasArts or whatever would make another Bounty Hunter Game. Maybe they will now!

  3. jobafett says:

    im just waiting for bounty hunter2.this time featuring a boba storyline.i still cant believe lucas arts has not done this already. i mean,i even e-mailed someone there and bitched.and still i wait.

  4. jobafett says:

    there should also be a level in the game or alternate ending where you get to blow han solo's head off.

  5. Dun Setta says:

    Yeah, but if you REALLY DID play the game you would know, when Jango's son did come into the picture, at the end of the game it show's him talking to Darth Dooku and then that's when they set up the deal for the Clones, but Jango asked for one more thing he wanted a clone for him self unaltered, so that he could pass his lagacy onto him or something.

  6. Fettbountyhunter says:

    I wish they would make Bounty Hunter 2, Invoving Boba of course, I think they should involve how he survived from being eaten by the sarlaac, they really should. Cut the new rebellion crap, more Bounty hunter stuff!!!

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