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"If I take on a job, I complete it." — Boba Fett, Mandalorian Armor

Results of our 2006 Survey

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Seven months collected 166 dedicated responses, answering ten questions to help us decide where to take next. Here are our findings.

How did you first learn about The Boba Fett Fan Club?

71% found BFFC by searching for 'Boba Fett'
Searching for specific content, links from another site, and word-of-mouth contributed almost evenly for the remaining 29%

How much of a Boba Fett fan are you?

46% believe they are Boba Fett -- pretty intense!
25% keep tabs on Boba Fett; everyone but 1 response "knew" of Boba Fett
18% just think Boba Fett is pretty cool

Are you satisfied with the overall usability of

73% are satisfied!
6% are not -- sorry! -- with 21% still new to judge
1 written in response to "no" mentioned "there's really not a lot on the site yet." After 10 years of running The Boba Fett Fan Club, there's really not a lot left to cover! ;-)

What other features would you like to see added to

64 people responded to this optional question
Some feature requests include things already on the site, which is surprising for us, but most include things we're releasing left and right! For example, today the new collectibles database went up, which will make it easier for us to keep tabs on upcoming Boba Fett merchandise! Around the bend, as time permits, is a new image gallery and knowledge base for everything Fett; both were highly requested without prompting. I can also note that several comments were very positive about the growth and improvements already on the site since coming off hiatus.

The following features will be added to in the near future. Note: all new features include search, rating, and upload contributions! Please rate the importance of the following features.

85% Fettipedia = very important
51% multimedia gallery = very important
40% fan fiction library = very important
39% collectibles database = important
Each percentage is the most popular per category, from very important to important to somewhat important to not important; fan fiction library had the highest not important rating at 12%, whereas the others scores

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