Bassist or Bounty Hunter?

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Yesterday on MTV2, Boba Fett covers the Foo Fighters alongside Darth Maul and others in “Video Mods.” IBC Digital Inc. president Ben Porcari, whose studio produced the Battlefront 2-geared animation, noted that “the scene of Boba Fett shooting a flamethrower from the end of his guitar unfortunately didn’t make it.”
MTV2 Video Mod

View larger. (Fixed: 10/30/05)

“We place these characters in a brand new setting, playing together in abandoned Imperial hangar in the depths of space. Obviously many of these characters are from different eras in Star Wars saga, but they fit well and look cool together!”

“Battlefront II is all about action and combat,” Porcari explains. “You live the greatest adventure of all time, fighting battles in space, on ships and across the galaxy. The main idea here is war is hell. The Foo Fighters song “DOA” takes up the same theme — the hardships of war and not knowing if you are going to get out alive. The energy of the song is high and that is a perfect match for both Battlefront II’s aggressive action and for Darth Maul’s intense attitude. Plus we heard that lead singer Dave Grohl was big Star Wars fan, and that definitely gave us extra incentive to get the deal signed.”


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  1. Devious Cruising Rachel says:

    The “view larger”… is a joke, yes? :)

    (cool site, btw!)

  2. DarthTaiter79 says:

    Love the pic—went to the site–I have never heard of “video mods” of course, I don’t have cable or satellite anymore either…I’ve got the video loading now…Looks awesome!

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