These Aren't the Mandalorians We're Looking For

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The Mandalorians are coming up in the next episode of the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars series.

But, it appears, these aren't the same Mandalorians. In fact, Karen Traviss, the author who took the original stories -- starting in vintage Marvel comics and developed further by Andy Mangels until the drastic changes in Episode II -- allegedly quit over related issues.

On the blog, regarding the upcoming Star Wars Insider #115 cover story, some fan comments to note:

  • FettFan1861: "Mandalorian pacifists??? Who is the idiot that came up with that crap? Wipe out all of Traviss's work for a cartoon and make the greatest warriors in the SWU into a bunch of pacifists? Just when you dont think LA [LucasArts] can get any worse they pull a stunt like this. All I can say is wow..."
  • Rax-Nibune: "I hope that the episode truly explains the Mandolorians culture and history; As the word Mandolorian never actually made it into any of the movies and I feel although Mandos have been good in the EU, its high time they get the proper representation on the main screen."
  • dakota66: "I hope so too. No wonder Karen Traviss stopped doing Star Wars novels, because the MANDOS are coming to the CLONE WARS."
  • delta_commando: "I really hope the Clone Wars depicts the Mandalorians as how we've read about them in the comics and the books."



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  1. BellaFett says:

    :( Wheres Boba????!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fisheyenomiko says:

    Bella, Boba's only like 10 or 11 at the time this series takes place. He might show up at some point in the series (pleasepleaseplease), but I doubt he'd be hanging out with the Mandos at this point.

  3. Mando Boy says:

    They should make an episode on mandalore.

  4. J'mann Seelo says:

    I loved this story. I can see where those particularly attached to Traviss's vision would be upset about the changes, but Lucas has never let the EU stop him from telling the stories he wants to tell nor should he. It's his universe...his sandbox, and in the end Star Wars is whatever he says it is. Personally, I find the idea of Mandalorians developing into a peaceful race an interesting one, and the Deathwatch exist to represent the warrior culture side of things. No harm, no foul IMO.

    I really think that if people let go of thier attachments to the EU and watch this with fresh eyes, they'll see that it actually is a very good story.

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