Exclusive Interview with Boba Fett Stuntman Eyad Elbitar

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We caught up with Eyad Elbitar, one of the Boba Fett stuntmen in the first four chapters of “The Book of Boba Fett,” who has recently been on the convention circuit in between gigs

BFFC: You have an incredibly diverse range of stunt and athletic skills. What’s it like to train in so many different disciplines?

I’ve been an athlete since I was 11 years old. I started with kickboxing, riding motorcycles, weight lifting and playing soccer. I was never into staying home and watching TV or playing video games. So that made it easy for me, since it was already part of my life.

BFFC: Is there a particular type of stunt work you love doing the most?

Yes, I’m more into stunt driving. That’s my favorite stunt to perform and my most advanced and highlighted skill.

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BFFC: What role are you most proud to have played in your career?

Being a stunt double for Boba Fett was the biggest highlight, and most recognized role of my career.

BFFC: Were you a Star Wars fan before you got this role? Did you do any Star Wars-specific prep work for your role?

I’ve known of Stars Wars, I mean, who doesn’t, but I was never attached to TV and movies as I mentioned before. As far as preparation, no, not really. I’ve been a stunt man for 22 years. I’ve done many, many different stunts in over 250 movies. I constantly train, so I’m always ready.

BFFC: J.J. Dashnaw was the show’s stunt coordinator. How was it working with him? Who developed the fighting style and choreography used in “The Book of Boba Fett?” Was any of that in your background previously?

I’ve known J.J. for a long time. We’ve worked together many times on many other shows as performers. So it was just another day at the office.

I don’t know who developed the fight style and the choreography. It was very secretive. So, I was just going day by day. I’m an all around stunt performer, so at the beginning of the show, they needed a certified scuba diver for the tank scene. I was the person for it, and everything else, was just part of my many years of training.

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BFFC: You’re credited with Boba Fett stunts in the first four episodes, along with J.J. Dashnaw and Trevor Morgan. Were there any other episodes? Any favorite shots or scenes where it was all you as Boba Fett in “The Book of Boba Fett?”

Except for coming out of the sand, I did all of the stunts in the first 4 episodes — from my arm punching through the inside of the Sarlacc to the train scene, fighting the sand monster, doing the fight in the tank, and riding the Bantha.

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As far as Trevor Morgan, he was set to double Boba Fett, but for a reason, I don’t know why at all, I was brought in to replace him. J.J. was the stunt coordinator for those 4 episodes.

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BFFC: From behind the scenes photos you’ve shared online, not only did you suit up in the newer “Book of Boba Fett” armor but also the brief flashback “Return of the Jedi” armor – plus out of armor in the white flight suit and also the black Tusken robes. What was your favorite costume?

My favorite and the most comfortable costume was the newer armor.

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BFFC: Temuera Morrison has previously spoken about bringing elements of the Maori haka into Boba Fett’s fighting style. Did that affect how you approached the role?

No, it didn’t really affect me at all. Temuera was the master of this art. I watched and learned from him as we went.

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BFFC: Were there any stunts you did in “The Book of Boba Fett” that were particularly challenging?

All of the stunts on the Book of Boba Fett were physically challenging. I would say that the first fight in the tank scene, was very challenging. The reason why, is because the product that they used to give the illusion that I was wet from the water in the tank, made the ground super slippery, to the point it was difficult just to stand still. As you can imagine, it was challenging doing the fight on a slippery surface without getting seriously injured. Also, fighting the sand monster, and being held by my ankles for so long was extremely painful. Not to mention, jumping through the train window, was challenging, I had to break through a small window, with glass flying, feet first.

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BFFC: What is your favorite memory from filming “The Book of Boba Fett?”

I really enjoyed communicating with the crew, the makeup and wardrobe people especially, because we had a lot of laughs and time to joke around. Good times.

BFFC: Can you give us any info on your upcoming roles?

I believe there will be a new release of Beverly Hills Cop 4. I was one of the driving stunt performers. I also have a couple of things that are coming up that I’m not allowed to discuss just yet, but be on the look out.

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