Is Gareth Edwards ("Monsters," "Godzilla") to Direct the Rumored Boba Fett Film?

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NOTE: Please see our Fett Fact Check for up-to-date fact versus fiction on this subject.


Boba Fett and Godzilla

We created this photo mash-up, which combines a shot from “Godzilla” that already looked as if it was Boba Fett’s perspective, and digitally added it to a straight-on helmet photo, which here happens to be the Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet from 2006.

The Official Star Wars website released a press announcement at 4pm PST today that names the director and writer for the first spin-off Star Wars film, due out after Episode 7.

The announcement does not name a subject matter. Still to this day, there is still zero official confirmation of a Boba Fett film.


To see how this news fits into the larger picture, follow the trail at our Fett Fact Check: Spin-Off Film one pager.

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  1. Elric says:

    It’s like you’re on a miiossn to save me time and money!

  2. John says:

    Highly recommend. Definitely the funniest marvel movie I’ve seen so far, though very different than what they’ve been doing. It’s an ensemble sci-fi adventure comedy with clever dialogue and a memorable cast of characters. Similar group dynamic to what we saw in the avengers, made all the more impressive by the fact that they haven’t had several movies to introduce the characters.

  3. putlockerhd says:

    This is what you get, San Francisco, with all your douchey, flashy, dot-com money: You get stomped on by Godzilla.

  4. megasharehd says:

    The beasts just want to have fun, but the gravest letdown in Edwards’s film is that, most of the time, he fends off the chance to have fun himself.

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