Family Guy's Giant Chicken is Boba Fett

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giant-chicken.jpgSeth MacFarlane told about the upcoming “Empire” themed parody episode of “Family Guy.” Giant Chicken is Boba Fett.

“The Giant Chicken’s fights with Peter parody Hollywood action films and usually cause huge amounts of damage to the city and can last upwards of 7 minutes.”

Boba Fett was recently in a parody episode of Robot Chicken, which was a Seth Green project.

Giant Chicken vs. Peter video clips

[No longer available.]

Fan Reactions

  • “I am reasonably giddy. That should be nothing short of hilarious.” — cujo
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  1. FettFan79 (Miriam) says:

    This should be interesting…when is said episode? I’ll have to make sure to catch it.

  2. aaron says:

    No word yet on when. We’ll do a follow-up post when we hear about it. :-)

  3. BFFC Admin says:

    The episode will be for sale/rent in December 2009 and on the air in early 2010:

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