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[UPDATE: While this headline resonated true in 2007, this TV series never ended up panning out and it’s assumed the project was shelved indefinitely.]

young-boba-fett.jpgRick McCallum told fans in France, at this last weekend’s Star Wars Reunion 2 event, that Fett is in and Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett, Attack of the Clones) is his choice for the part.

100 to 400 Episodes

This is for the live action Star Wars TV series. “He will have a contract for 100 episodes and Rick hopes it will be extend to 400, maybe with Expanded Universe characters after the first 100,” notes the translated coverage. (Editor’s note: emphasis added.)

The original coverage, French Star Wars web site, came to earlier today.

On 10/31, clarified that Lucas wants 100 episodes in general, and “no casting news so far for the highly anticipated TV spinoff of the Star Wars franchise and production is expected to begin within the next couple of years.”

Also on 10/31, picked up the story with the headline, “NBC Cancels Heroes: Origins? Boba Fett in the Star Wars TV Series?” They also used the catchy photo by Dimitrios Kambouris ( from 5/12/2005, where Daniel Logan appeared at the premiere of Episode III, blaster in hand, Fett by his side.

We followed up with Daniel Logan’s agent and there’s nothing on his end to comment on yet.

Fan Reactions

  • “Well I guess we’ll see how that pans out in 2009.” — Sev Fett
  • “400????? They think it’ll run for 15 years? Good network shows get like 22 episodes a year. Most cable shows get 12-15. 400 divided by 22 is 18 years. … 40 would be like a 2-year contract. I hope this is a misquote.” — BFFC Eric
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  1. Jesse Fett says:

    uber pwnage

  2. FettFan79 (Miriam) says:

    Wow! I was hoping to see Fett in this! Glad to know it’s possible. Yeah, that “400” does sound like a misquote.

  3. Devin Jax says:

    thats the coolest u know the coolest

  4. aaron says:

    AMC’s Sci Fi Scanner blog also picked up the story and coincidentally agreed with our note (at left) from BFFC Eric about the interest in ~ 20 years (think: The Simpsons) of Star Wars TV. also added a note and picture about Boba Fett’s future in TV.

  5. Lord Siegeous says:

    I’m wondering how old he will be for the part. Hope this show will be more for adults than teens.

  6. Handofjudgment says:

    I agree with Lord Siegeous, I really hope that this show will be based for adults. I knew nothing of this till I joined this site. Maybe I missed the answer but does anyone know where it will be filmed?

  7. Boba Fan 2007 says:

    If they start filming next year, Daniel Logan will be 21. I think he is needed for the series, assuming Boba Fett is in fact going to be in it. He will bridge the films with the TV series. There needs to be that continuity from the films to the TV show and having an actor reprise his role will create that.

  8. Taha says:

    boba fett is awsome!

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