Fett's Deleted Scenes in Episode II

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Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

Attack of the Clones originally chronicled much more Fett.

TheForce.net provided a comprehensive Episode II Cut Scene listing [direct link no longer working], which highlights the following references:

  • Boba Will Return: Boba Fett flying away from Geonosis, no doubt his heart filled with vengeance for the Jedi, who have just killed his father. The scene I recall reading about was Boba putting on his father’s helmet and jetpack and blasting from the arena. (Source: Obiwan_1138)
  • More Jango Fighting! Part of the Obi-wan Jango fight has been deleted. I’m not talking about the storyboards, but, when Obi-Wan comes through the doors, he ignites saber, deflects two bolts, and then the fight really jumps to him taking a swing at Jango who takes off. Now, part of the footage that was inbetween those two parts was even in the commercials and the trailer! However even if that had stayed in there was still a jump. They did film it of course, it’s seen in the Fett making of documentary. (Source: Tomcat84)
  • Boba Fett: Quick Thinker I seem to recall a spoiler a couple of months ago about some deleted Jango/Boba dialogue. After Boba uses the Slave 1 tail guns to run interference and Jango manages to escape, he tells his surrogate son that he did a “Nice job”, or “Quick thinking” or something to that effect. This didn’t show up in the non-digital cut. (Source: Damn)
  • Calm Him Down Mace and Jango on both sides of the Reek trying to get to the dropped lightsaber underneath it. Mace Force-calms the Reek. (Source: lilmacumd)
  • Jango Gets Headbutted This scene of a headbutt was removed from the film in all coutries. Jango gets worked by the non-helmeted Obi-Wan. Great stuff, perhaps hard to believe that a regular guy vs. metal is a good fit. Ouch.

The Internet Movie Database notes that the cut is in the UK version. This is because “the distributor (wanted) to secure a PG rating. About 1 second of footage was excised, removing a head butt in the fight scene between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett.”

The IMDb also notes an addition, in the Attack of the Clones DVD: “Before Jango Fett is killed by Mace Windu, the sparks coming out of his damaged jetpack are much more visible.”

From the forums at Starwars.com, we learn that another scene was cut featuring Jango, Padme, and Dooku:

We see Padme and Anakin walk up to the table as Jango slowly walks behind them around to where Dooku is sitting. At this point Jango is wearing his helmet but when we cut to see Dooku and Jango a moment later Jango doesn’t have his helmet on and it’s nowhere to be seen. It would have been nice if either:

a) Jango was seen clearly holding his helmet, as he did in the arena grandstand.


b) Jango was shown taking off his helmet as he stood beside Dooku.

I think it would have been cool to see option B only because it would be the only shot in which we actually see Jango taking off his helmet. Would have been nice to see that in Slave I as he and Boba took from Kamino too.

Any other speculation as to additional footage? Visit this site’s message board to get a message thread going.

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