DVD Commentary: Fett's Motivation

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Attack of the Clones DVD commentary by George Lucas explains Boba Fett’s motivation for Empire and Jedi.

“I wanted to have this one little shot of Boba with his father’s helmet because that’s really the motivation of his character for all the other movies.” — George Lucas

Source: Episode-X

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  1. Gwen says:

    Didn’t he admit he just kinda threw together Fett’s past with his father etc and all he really had was that he was a clone/link to the stormtroopers before he wrote the prequals? Which would mean that technically, that’s one big stinking lie.

    Anybody? Am I the only one who thinks this is…not quite right?

  2. chris ezell says:

    How do I make boba fetts armor and jumpsuit

  3. danny says:

    chris, this really isnt the place to ask this. If you would like help, please use the correct forum or try to find information from http://www.501st.com

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