E3: "Jango's Legacy" Teased

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The Official Star Wars site mentions a juicy keyword — “Jango” — but only offers the conclusion to Hyperspace members. What’s within?

Out in Hyperspace, the latest multimedia marketing gift from being a paid subscriber to the Official Star Wars Fan Club, there may be a clue about Boba Fett’s appearance in Episode III… if he’s even going to be included.

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  1. Jamari Lawson says:

    Oh they’ll include Boba for sure. lol I love Lucas, and while hes made some mistakes in the past, and while it seems like he doesnt care about the Fett fans, hes gonna deliver.

  2. Mandalorian Wrath says:


    This is a picture of one of the clone fighter pilots in the opening battle sequence. No relations to Boba in this article, unfortunately … And since he’s still not officially added to the cast, I’m beginning to worry about it …

  3. masterchief@herzeleid.net says:

    damn ye lucas!!!

  4. Tyler says:

    But why would they bother to develop some sort of small father-son relationship between the two to begin with? I mean they just as easily could have mentioned the clone template.

  5. carouse says:


  6. austin says:

    i love mr. fett. if thats how you spell it. i like the flying pack thing.

  7. Pedro says:

    Report to the dance floor Boba, because your going in the game!

  8. Ben says:

    I love your jetpack.

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