Celebration Europe 2016: Day 1

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[UPDATED 7/19 10pm: “Keeping Up With The Fetts Panel” embed added.]

The first of three days in London brought just a few Boba Fett mentions. Here is our recap of what we saw and heard from fans who were there:

  • The exclusive Prototype Armor Boba Fett toy from Hot Wheels (Mattel) was included in the official Star Wars Show and easy for fans to pick up for ten Euros at their booth. See our guide to SWCE for Fett fans on where Mattel’s booth is, plus find a photo gallery taken by our friends at Jedi News for more angles of the toy.)
  • The Jeremy Bulloch / Daniel Logan panel was a hit. “Two Boba Fetts in one room,” tweeted @annmighty with a photo. (Note: according to StarWars.com, this panel is being “live” streamed tomorrow, Saturday 7/16, at 8am PDT / 5am PDT. We’d like to point out that it’s not really live anymore if it’s the next day… but we look forward to seeing what we can see!)
    UPDATED 7/19 10pm: Days later, they’ve officially added the hour-long “Keeping Up With The Fetts Panel” stream to YouTube:

  • Some Boba Fett cosplayers were spotted by Gala.fr on Twitter having a good laugh. The tweet in French asks if these guys know what’s up with Episode 8.
  • F3-T7, the Boba Fett meets R2-D2 droid, made an appearance. @mockingnerd on Twitter snapped a photo.
  • The night before opening, Daniel “Young Boba Fett” Logan brought pizza to some fans waiting in line overnight. “Daniel Logan, young Boba Fett in AOTC, just gave me pizza. I’m in Nirvana,” tweeted @JeffWSweeney.
  • Our friends at Jedi News found a Boba Fett dress for sale in the official Celebration store and shared photos of it on Facebook.

Overall, the day focused around “Rogue One.” No sighting or mention of Boba Fett within the film, although there’s still a few rumors that he could show up.

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