Celebration Europe 2016: Day 2

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The second of three days in London brought a couple Boba Fett mentions. Here is our recap of what we saw and heard from fans who were there:

  • During the “Star Wars Rebels” panel, head honcho Dave Filoni was asked if Daniel Logan would return; Dave brushed this off. More on our Fett Fact Check log for Rebels.
  • Also during the Star Wars Rebels panel, a trailer for Season 3 was shown. It includes “Mandalorians who fight for the Empire” who look a lot like Ralph McQuarrie’s Prototype Boba Fett design. We shared a video excerpt on Facebook, along with a link to the official trailer.
  • The “Keeping Up With The Fetts” panel with Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan was NOT live streamed as scheduled. We’re bummed. However, the “Star Wars Show” did a 3 minute interview with Bulloch and Logan, which you can watch on YouTube.
  • During the “MEET ILMxLAB: The Future of Immersive Entertainment” panel, Boba Fett was shown in the virtual reality demo on Tatooine. We shared two screenshots on Facebook.
  • One cosplayer who went as a Prototype Boba Fett captured a fan in a photo by @pichichix on Instagram [photo no longer available as of 2018]
  • Daniel “Young Boba Fett” Logan shared a picture of him with Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill on Instagram [photo no longer available as of 2018]
  • One fan found a Predator Boba Fett cosplayer in attendance at SWCE and shared a photo on Instagram.

All in all, the big news today was about Thrawn being part of the new canon after being born in the Expanded Universe (now called “Legends”). No other Boba Fett news.

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