Two New Boba Fett Art Pieces

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Released this August 2004, two new pieces of artwork depicting the Fett’s will be hitting the virtual shelves of Star Wars Shop.

The first is a firey rendition of both Boba and his dad, titled “Like Father, Like Son.”

“Appropriately titled, this work by John Alvin accurately captures the essence of the Fett name in stunning detail. “Like Father, Like Son” was previously limited to a one-of-a-kind work of art. Today, a lucky few can own the masterpiece as a limited edition lithograph. The art measures 17-inches by 25.5-inches.”

There will only be 350 prints, going on sale at $100. Better grab this magnificant piece of work before they are all gone.

The second being released is one of the most expensive piece of Fett art I have ever seen. This re-released artwork depicting Boba is by Tsuneo Sanda and, in this form, could only before be found in the personal collection of George Lucas himself!

Limited to 350 prints, however, this giclee (zhee-clay) print will take $500 out of your coffers! If you prefer canvas to paper, the piece is $800, and only 100 canvas pieces will be sold.

There are more art prints featuring Boba Fett in our Bounty archive.

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