Lucas' Boba Fett-ish Confirmed

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We have waited three long years. We’ve latched onto every rumor, and heard every excuse. Now the time has come, is Fett in the final installment of Star Wars, “Revenge of the Sith?”

This reporter sat down, waiting to see this new installment of Star Wars. With him; the best soda, Pibb. The best theater snack, popcorn. The most climatic chapter in the greatest saga of all time, Revenge of the Sith.

Of course, no Star Wars movie could be truly complete without a taste of Fett.

Unfortunately, our young hero that is hated by many, loved by more, and cherished by all of us at BFFC, did not make his much expected and hoped for cameo appearance in “Revenge of the Sith.”

Fear not, while we do not see the great bounty hunter himself, there is plenty of hard-core, edge-of-seat action from his clone “brothers.” Expect to see plenty of Jedi scum getting blasted by these ultimate soldiers created from the genes of the most deadly professional in the galaxy.

Fett or no Fett, this is the perfect movie to bring this great theatrical saga to a close. For those of you that are yet to see it, yet decided to read this spoiler anyhow, try not to drink too much bantha milk. You won’t want to miss a single piece of the seemingly never-ending action of this movie.

Also, keep your eyes out for the Falcon, it’s there.

A group of people in costume pose for a picture as they wait for the premiere of ‘Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith,’ the latest sequel of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga, at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood.(AFP/Hector Mata)

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  1. FettAddicted says:

    No he isn’t :/

  2. Savagewulf says:

    …great now there’s no reason to go see the movie anymore for me…NO! dont try to change my mind I’m decided…Lucas has lost my trust…til he makes episode 7 then he will lose my respect.

  3. therealmccoy says:

    plz god dont say anything about episode 7, let it be. sure fett wasnt in this but we all know what he’s up to, becoming bad ass. now go see this flick!

  4. Savagewulf says:

    ya i am gonna see the movie, i’m just saying how Lucas lied to us and how hes a douchebag.

  5. Loki the Stampede says:

    I must give Mr. Bulloch props for being in the movie though!

  6. kile says:

    i didnt see him in ep.3

  7. Doomy says:

    yup, Boba Fett is absoluetly not in Ep. 3. Maybe they wrote Fett was in it because Bulloch was in it, who was the original Fett.

  8. ken says:

    Maybe it’s to bolster sales of an extended version dvd sale of movie #3…???

  9. Doomy says:

    Lucas likes money, he knows the Boba Fett fanbase is freakin’ huge and only getting bigger, he’d really would have to add it as a DVD extra, if he wants more money then he already made.

  10. doob says:

    At least a fett was in the movie anyway…

  11. ben says:

    wht u talkin bout, doob? u talkig bout the clones?

  12. danny says:

    I disagree. Its quite evident that making money is not one of Lucas’s primary concerns. He has proven to be a very genius business man, what with his business and its subsidaries in the numbers of double-digits. However, he is making seemingly stupid business moves with Star Wars.

    I do not see this as him actually making mistakes. But rather, that he is doing exactly what hes been saying that hes doing. Hes not making them to be huge, successful, rich movies. Though I am sure that is an incentive. He is making them for his own reasons, to finish off the dream that he so long ago started.

  13. Doomy says:

    Hmmm, you do have a point, he probably is doing it for himself, I can’t really see a reason WHY he’d do it for anybody else. The fans are there, they have their own agendas.

  14. ben says:

    tht is wht i feared. i mean, im even surprised tht he started on episode 1,2,3 in the first place. to tell the ultimate truth behind anakin skywalker? after accomplishing the so hugely popular trilogy, wouldnt it be common sense to end his dream there? y would he return 4 it after 20 years? not tht im complaining bout it. im glad he did. tht’s how i came to know boba fett n star wars in da first place. but it juss isnt how it all fits in.

  15. Chrysta Fett says:

    yeah, Boba isn’t even a cameo in this movie. But! I’ve heard there’s going to be a live-action TV series or something coming out and it’s not gonna be about the Skywalkers or any of the main characters. It’s all supposed to be on the minors and there’s a possibilty that it’s going to revolve around Fett.

  16. Monke boy says:

    Wow how cool is Ep 3!!!!!!!!!! Shame there being no Fett but I do think that there was so much going on in the film that it seemed like they had to struggle to squeeze it all in as it was. Loved seeing the Falcon :-)

  17. Robyn says:

    i saw episode 111 with 3 of my friends. it was awesome. im STILL in shock. even though bob was not in it, that mede me sad, he HAS been in
    3other, so i guess it was ok after all.(accualy hes in 4. he is in a few screen shots in episode 4 in the special edition) anyway, all the other clones rocked, and we got to see then wothout their helmets so tnat was really really really cool

  18. Robyn says:

    oops…..i spelled boba wrong. SORRY.

  19. Payback says:

    yea Ep 3 was great. although boba wasnt in it i got depressed because the last to new star wars movies my favorite new person gets his head lopped off… yea the person i was taking a liking to was that swamp clone trooper leader guy. well Fett or no Fett Ep 3 was great surpassed my expectations and i saw the Falcon too

  20. Will says:

    Wait, where was the falcon?

  21. Jack gorland says:

    Boba should have been in it but we all know george lucas is stupid and hates boba.

  22. ben says:

    the falcon was in coruscant, after anakin n obi wan crash landed with palpatine. it was docking in the docking bay of where all da senators were.

  23. Dennis says:

    Bobba Fett,is my favorite Character in the Galaxy the Ultimate Soldier/Bounty Hunter, lives life my his wits and professional skills and gets better all the time

  24. Dennis says:

    Tv producers would have to be daff not to make a character like Bobba Fett into a series of films on his struggles. During the Imperial Conquest or after his meeting with Skywalker and friends

    IF its Directed and written correctly it would be a smash I would watch. Big fan

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