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On December 1st, expect to see Boba Fett to appear in the newest comic from the Empire series.

Ron Marz (author, Jango Fett series and Empire #26) returns to extrapolate the post-Clones connection between Boba Fett and the Stormtroopers, illustrated by Fett-newcomer Adriana Melo (artist, Empire #22 and 26). Cover by also-newcomer Tommy Lee Edwards (artist, Empire #26).

Boba Fett is on a mission. But this time his objective is not a person, but a thing: a holo-projector containing an irreplaceable recording. The one caveat is that the device is somewhere in the wreckage of a massive Star Destroyer, guarded by Imperial fighters and scheduled for destruction by the Empire to prevent any salvageable parts from falling into Rebel hands.

An impossible mission? Not for the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Stormtroopers beware! Boba Fett is on a mission, and none had better stand between him and his prize!

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  1. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    It looks like a really interesting story, if I remember well, it will be the first time we see Boba fight stormtroopers since we learnt they were all Jango’s clones, so perhaps there’s an interesting side of Boba’s mind to develop, even if he’s as cold as an iceberg, won’t he seek revenge for the “clones’ betrayal” towards their genetic template during the clone wars ? Won’t he try to show who is the “real” Jango’s clone (just for himself of course, since he certainly don’t want to be known as a clone) ?

  2. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    When I said “first time we see him fight stormtroopers”, I of course meant “Boba when grown-up and with his bounty hunter training complete”, since he already killed clones during the clone wars.

  3. Darth Jaster Fett says:

    Cool, I havn’t been to the local comic store for a while but I’ll be sure to catch up on the Sar Wars comics!

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