DVD Rumors True: Boba Fett Edited

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Temuera Morrison, the New Zealander actor behind Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones, now voices Boba Fett in the upcoming DVD release of the Original Trilogy.

Hear Boba Fett’s line, “he’s no good to me dead” from the soon-to-be-released Empire Strikes Back DVD

Hear the original line from the pre-Attack of the Clones films.

You can hear all of Boba Fett’s lines in our Audio archive.

On an additional note…

millenniumfalcon.com reports from a spy named Raith Sienar that the DVD also features an Easter Egg, or what’s known as hidden bonus material:

“Warwick Davis short film of Wicket the Ewok fighting Boba Fett on the Death Star II, shot as a gag during the filming of Return of the Jedi.”


With all the changes coming to Boba Fett from his originally developed backstory, how do you approve of Boba Fett in relation to new developments?




Not interested.

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  1. djmetallium says:


    How crule!

    Damn you Lucas!

  2. Gwen says:

    Ok. That’s it. That’s totally the last straw. I am now officially boycotting everything starwars from the re-editions of the trilogy forward. It didn’t happen, that was just some horrible nightmare. Should I want starwars DVDs, I’ll simply burn my original trilogy videos to DVD.

  3. therealmccoy says:


    Just CANT leave well enough alone. If it AINT broke DONT fix it!

  4. boba228 says:

    that is a poop on a stick. I can’t believe what horrible situations we’re being put through, I demand revenge. grrrrrr

  5. bobadude925 says:

    curse you lucas curse you and your power

  6. [LS]-BobaFett says:


  7. cloudpilot says:

    this really loses his authenticity. i do not understand why george lucas can not just leave it alone. boba fett was an enigma. now he’s becoming sold-out, for the sake of popularity.

  8. 13o13a Fett says:

    This royally Sucks!!!

  9. Jumpy says:

    Its so hard to watch something you love so much get royally screwed so, SO bad.

    Maybe I wouldn’t care about these new DVD’s if Lucas gave the true Star Wars fan the pure, originals as well. However to harm the originals in this way and then deny us of them completely is so cruel an act.

    BUT to dare taint such original, mysterious and beloved a character as Boba Fett is a trully heinous act.

    No matter how much Star Wars literature changed Boba Fett, for better or for worse, one could always rest in the comfort of the films. Pehaps the one thing that I never REALLY wanted to know about the Star Wars universe were the origins of Fett. Perhaps this is being a tad dramatic but Boba WAS the mystery surrounding him.

    I’m sure Lucas’ next big plan is to walk up to each and every one of us and slap us on the face. It would correspond with his “brilliant” idea-pattern of late.

  10. Jumpy says:

    (I forgot to mention… BOBA FETT ALREADY SOUNDED FREAKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!)

  11. Joe says:

    Oh good lord! If only Lucas paid more attention to the new movies as he does to the originals. HEY GEORGE! THE ORIGINALS WORK CAUSE THEY’RE BELIEVABLE! Go back and fix EPI & II cause nobody believes that whole “Mediclorian” crap or the whole thing about how Anakin hasn’t stop thinking of Padme since he was a little boy. What kind of messed up kid is that? No wonder he turned to the darkside! If you really have the urge to go back and change something, go and fix “Graffiti II”.


  12. Dane says:

    Maybe if Lucas had casted Fett right for “Clones” in the first place, he wouldn’t have to go back and “fix” the originals.

  13. Ghost12 says:

    NOOOOOO! I’ve heard enough Jango! A thousand clonetroopers! Not right…He sounded cool to begin with. I guess they’ll redo the Emperor too.
    His voice was different in Ep5, I liked it better…the movies have gone downhill since.

  14. Adam31 says:

    All though the old lines sounded F**king sweet i didnt like the fact that he Boba sounded like he had been smoking for 30 years straight. Just think about it, Having the voice of jango, who is EXACTLY like boba in every way makes it so much more realistic.

  15. Edgeguts says:

    I hate GL, He’s lost his freakin mind this time….Everything we once worshipped in Fett is being undone. George why don’t you just put Boba on Queer Eye and give his armour a makeover too you crazy fool.. I’ll just keep watching pirate dvd’s of the original trilogy from Bali instead of feeding Lucas more money for messing with stuff that is DONE and GOOD. If it aint broke,Dont fix it.. U have to much power for a nut!!!

  16. Sadriel Fett says:

    I have to agree that the voice change is kind of lame. Darth Vader sounds nothing like Anakin. Wouldn’t it stand to figure that Fett would use something to disguise his voice, since he would sound just like a hundred thousand clone soldiers? And wouldn’t he disguise it in a way to make himself more intimidating and give him an extra edge, similar to Batman in the comic books? I don’t however agree that the new history for Fett changes things, though. Everything I’ve ever read regarding Fett has had his history being that of Journeyman Protector Jaster Mereel, or a Mandalorian Commando, or a Stormtrooper before he became a bounty hunter. It also says that he intentionally keeps his history private and sometimes encourages these “false” past histories in order to keep himself cloaked in mystery. When I first watched Episode II, I have to say that I, too, was at first kind of miffed, but then, when you think about it, it still all fits into continuity. The Dark Horse comic “Jango Fett: Open Seasons” did a really good job helping to tie in a lot of the other Fett “histories” and how those stories may have come about. Jango’s father was a Journeyman Protector on Concord Dawn. Jango was taken in and trained by Jaster Mereel, leader of the Mandalorians, at the time. The original “Stormtroopers” were all clones of Jango. Boba Fett’s armor supposedly originally belonged to Jaster Mereel (although that’s more hearsay, and nothing I’ve actually read yet). Plenty of history and myth, that could get distorted over time, and each become a “past origin history” for Boba Fett. It all still doesn’t change the fact that Fett is “The Man” (both Fett’s). He still has the coolest armor than any character, and is still the baddest badass in the Star Wars universe.

  17. NJBobaFett says:

    Hey Gwen, you can also buy Pirated ones, like me. That way I get the orig. version on DVD and then see how bad Lucas screwes up his release!!

  18. John says:

    I can’t even think of what to say. I’m just so… I’m going to read Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters and hope the trilogy doesn’t sell well.

  19. vader says:

    i cant beleive lucas has done this there is no need fett sounds amazing. one question are all the stormtroopers in the original trilogy going to have there lines dubbed as well, cause he would have to. if he does im gonna chop off his feet and make him run!!!!!

  20. ajfett says:

    this is re-goddam-diculous! anyone care to tell where i can get my hands on a pirated original trilogy on dvd instead of the horse shit lucas is producing? id really like to know. if anyone has info on that if u could email it to me itd be awesome

  21. ajfett says:

    This is the end for the original Boba Fett we have grown to adore.

    R.I.P. Boba Fett 1980-2004

  22. Joebob Jr. says:

    This sucks crap

  23. Joebob Jr.s Friend says:

    Just To let you know this permemnatly sucks

    I hate you george lucas

  24. chelsinator says:

    wtf man. that is so non1337.

    this is yet another reason why i’m boycotting the these dvds, and remaining true to my un-editted faded VHS version of the original trilogy.

    and you know he’s gonna have like 35189513 different DVD versions JUST to rip us off.
    he seriously doesnt do this for the love of star wars, he does it for the love of money.
    and he doesnt need any more than he’s already got! he’s just a greedy old son of a bitch!!!

    why does george lucas have to suck SO much?

  25. Jabbae Horuus says:

    I was hoping they wouldnt do this.
    I love the OZ and NZ accents but on Bobafett nar, it turn’s starwars into “prisoner cell block H”

  26. kamikaze says:

    When i heared the sample,it was like “WTF!!!This is NOT Boba Fett” i have the SE original Trilogy on VHS(ps., I live in Poland)And SW Demoliton and there Fett sounded so cool,silent and emotionless like a Ninja.In the Bounty hunter wars,the voice fitted him great,but this SHIT is not BF.I’ll just stick with my VHS.

  27. Davion says:

    Yet another thing to prove that Lucas is absolutely clueless..

  28. graves says:

    i cant belive this, boba sounded so much better in the original movies and in the games. if they had no choice and had to replace his voice then they should of used the original guy or Tom Kane (did boba’s voice in most of the star wars games.)
    god knows what lucas was thinking but he better change it back b4 the release date or im gettin a vhs ripp of the old versions and puttin them on dvd.

  29. matt says:

    Well at least I can take the original from VHS and put it on DVD myself so I don’t have to relive Episode II everytime I wanna watch the good trilogy.

  30. Matt says:

    oh btw. Lucas is already replacing the actor who played the unmasked darth vader in Jedi with Hyden Christionson in the end where you see, him, yoda, and obi wan. That sucks too cuz in case lucas hasn’t noticed, Anikan didn’t die at age 20, if he had, DArth Vader would have just let luke be electricuted to death.

  31. Chris Stephens says:

    Don’t you think your all over reacting a little bit. As a fan on the series, one question off many that I had was how would he deal with the voice difference between the old trilogy and the new. If Boba was a clone surley he should have the same voice as Jango! It is something GL had to do to further connect the trilogys together. It’s this type of moaning and groaning that has stopped him from doing his original plan of making Episode 7,8 & 9.. Because he was sick of the pounding that he got from so called fan’s. If your a Star Wars fan, they surly more is better, and if that means some changes in previous movies to help them tie in then so be it.. You can’t just turn round and call Lucas a M/F when he has given you something that you have grown up and enjoyed for so long, why else would you be getting so wound up about it – You all care for the series – So try backing him up once in a while and appreciate what he has given us and what is yet to come. I personally can’t wait for Episode III, and have been waiting for it to appear since A New Hope was released in 1977.

  32. Gwen says:

    …and the same bitching that got him to not put the…hmm… was it backstreet boys or n’sync now? in Ep 2?

    Y’know, I grew up with a lot of things that I thought were fantastic. Loved ’em. Wished they’d go on forever. But then I got older and realized that unfortunately just because something starts off good it doesn’t stay good. Things happen, people change, etc etc etc. The best you can really hope for is to be left with good memories of the things you did love. Well in this case the constant dickering plus the flat unavailability of an original version vs the new new special editions makes that impossible. That is the reason I complain. Just because someone does something good doesn’t mean that everything they do will be good or even that they in themselves are good.

  33. semi-skimmed says:

    Where can you get the original trilogy on DVD? Not the new edited shite!!

    Please email me!!!!

  34. jeffrey says:


  35. Tyler says:

    Lucas messed these movies up so damn much, I would rather have the fetts left out of ep2, than have boba’s mysterious backrounds be ruined by some half witted idea by the fatheaded lucas. I hope you guys know he only added the fett story just because it was popular, not because it was significant to the story. I know boba is not a really important character but I could of come up with something better for him in ep2 than being a frucking clone. Ooooooh, how cool is that!!!? Your favorite hunter that you’ve loved ever since you saw him in ESB turns out not to be the last of the badass mandalorians or even jaster mereel (i never really like that whole story of mareel) but it turns out he was just a clone of the last mandalorian. Thats awesome nice work lucas, i didnt think you could mess that one up, but guess what, you did. I really dont consider ep2 as fett history, just because its so shitty.

  36. kamikaze says:

    Hey jeff,we here like the oldschool boba fett,not that retard clone,but jester merrel(sp?).HE is our fav,the symbole of a BAD-ASS, BOBA FETT
    (ps. reed the books better.)

  37. kamikaze says:

    Ps2.-I’m with tyler

  38. Hibbs says:

    So everyone slagging GL off – you call yourselves fans? Please remember that without the bearded flannel one there would be NO STAR WARS. It is HIS story made in HIS brain and HE can tell it the way HE wants. I may not like the story line I EPI, but I am grateful he made the film. So what if Boba has been voiced over, it makes sense to tie the films together.

    As for going on about Boba being crap now we know where he came from – have you watched EpII – obviously not – Boba although a clone did not have any growth stimulant (maybe this makes the clones a bit dopey) and he was raised by Jango not by a computer, so it is possible that he is the tough, feared bounty hunter we have all come to love.

    Leave GL alone and be thankful for what we have got – it is moaning gits that have stopped him making ‘the last three’, so I blame all you critics for that – thanks very much!

  39. Tyler says:

    Im sorry Hibbs but in my point of view Lucas has lost his touch, the most recent movies seem like little bits of story thrown into a cgi action movie. I honestly would rather have Lucas write or either hire a writer who’s not worn down, to write the first three episodes. I’m sorry, I’d rather have good story rather than good action scenes. The original movies had spirit, humor and good action, the new ones only have one of those. Honestly, how many of you actually laughed at anything in the new movies, and if anyone says they thought jar jar was funny, may god have mercy on your poor poor soul.

  40. Mike says:

    OK man, i dont fully understand all this, aren the fetts clones or mandolorians or what? and just 1 more minor thing, i know that Jango got his head cutt off by a jedi, but i cant remember, did boba fett die? and if so how?

  41. Andrew W. says:

    This new voice-over sounds terrible. Why change Fett’s voice? What is Lucas doing to the Trilogy?

    And I definitely agree with Tyler. “Little bits of story thrown into a cgi action movie” is about the best description of the prequels I’ve ever heard. But I think the greatest thing about the originals was the chemistry among the cast, and not only between themselves but also with their characters. Everyone seemed to fit. Temuera Morrison was decent enough as Jango, pretty cold and distant, but I think changing the voice of Boba in the originals is going way too far. It’s like, defiling something sacred.

  42. Ursula says:

    Wow, guess I’m in the minority.
    I like the idea of Tem voice over. It gives it a consistency, and makes complete sense.

    I think George L is completely on the money.

    I also think we need to remember: Jango and Boba are originals. The clones, while taken from that batch, have been altered, so they are not pure, like J and B.

    I do hope he does more movies. I never expected in my lifetime to see the first three, so now I’d really like the remainder. Must be my capricorn ascendent or something.

  43. ursula says:

    I just listened to the clip and it reminded me of something.

    Fett says “He’s no good to me dead.”

    Vader says “He won’t be permanently damaged”

    Alas, Vader lied, because Han came out even more of a wimp after carbonite. Gone was the ass blasting dirt bag debt welching spacer that owed Jabba some serious credits, replaced was this mewling girrlie man.

    Anyone feel like writing some alternate history fan fic where Solo falls to the saarlac instead, ’cause that would make for good reading. And riddence.

    But, really like the clip. ;-)

  44. Hibbs says:

    In response to Tyler – yes I did laugh at EPII (well groaned) at 3 PO’s one liners. But there again I’m now 34 years old not 7 as I was when I saw Star Wars and was hooked for life. Remember GL has said all along that the films are made to be watched by a 12 year old – most of the fans originally hooked now wonder why our kids laugh at Jar Jar, when we think he’s awful. To a kid he’s real and funny (ask my son’s).

    I can see peoples points that to alter Boba’s voice is wrong – but wouldn’t people also be wondering why he doesn’t sound at all like Jango if it wasn’t done – especially as we get to see and here clones talk in EPIII.

    It would be interesting to here what Jeremy B has to say about this.

  45. vader says:

    It sucks, I will personally KILL LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. vader says:

    He has destroyed my dream of SW Trilogy on DVD. He has destroyed the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Now Boba Fett will go down by Lucas. Boba was not ment to be the: “Yeah let’s go to bussiness” but the chilling: “You will die….”. Morrison doesn’t fit.

  47. Andrew W. says:

    If you want to talk about consistency between the movies when it comes to Jango/Boba’s voices, why wouldn’t the original voice dictate the voice for AotC?

  48. Paul childs says:

    Sure it sucks and it’ll ruin the trilogy… but hey… he can make good rain, right? jesus, George lucas is the worst thing to happen to star wars since after RotJ came out. He ruined the entire chemistry behind anakin and padme, he screwed the whole coolness of the force, midichlorians my left nut. the whole thing destroys so much of the mythos and mystery and he tries to link way tooo much stuff in, like why bother having R2 and 3PO in the films at all, like Obi-Wan wouldnt notice. I can pretty much count the good things about the prequels on my fingers. 1 Samuel L Jackson, if only he’s had the chance to call Darth Maul a motherf***er, 2 Ewan Macgregor (screw the spelling), he really grew into the part of obi wan. Shit, thats it! way to go Mr. Lucas.

  49. -SW- says:

    My english is not very good, but theres is something I really have to say about Boba Fett:

    The real Boba Fett, as we know him, has died long ago. The real Boba Fett was the guy from Episode 4-6.

    Now they have killed his cool past, his life and all that things that we liked!!

    I tell you something every real Boba Fett fan all over the world should know:

    Episode 2 was the “Fall of a legend”
    The Boba Fett we knew is gone.

  50. hibbs says:

    “George lucas is the worst thing to happen to star wars” – Get a grip tosser – Everyone needs to remember that GL brought us Star Wars in the first place, and i for one am glad he has made the first 3. Now if everyone stops slagging him off can we get him to make the last 3 or are you all not interested, thats what it sound like. Tell you what George foreget EpIII a lot of the fans don’t care and will only have a go at you. (What would we all say then – give the guy a break, he gave us Star Wars in the first place)

  51. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    Wow wow wow … where’s your Fett’s spirit you fans ? You’re all hurling to death and abusing Lucas as if he had killed your mothers, now calm down and think. Temuera Morrison is Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Jango Fett’s clone. Therefore, Boba Fett has to have Temuera Morrison’s voice, and that’s all, there’s no f*cking need to threaten anyone or to abuse someone for that, this is logical, even if I was a first-hour fan I don’t care about all these changes Lucas is making. Why ? Because first it gives the films some new skin for the most anticipated release ever, so there will be something new to discover, second, because it gives the whole story an entirely logical continuity, third, because there’s nothing in the world that will force you to buy them if you don’t want to, then if you’re not happy, just go back to your VHS and keep your mouths shut, because you’re all making useless noise here. Abusing Lucas only show that you’re just immature self-centered people who have forgotten that Star Wars was Lucas’ oeuvre and that HE DOESN’T OWE YOU SHIT about it. Even is the prequels have a definitely “CGI-type look”, I think they’re good and Lucas didn’t screw a thing about his story, which is HIS story and not yours, so stop saying he tells it badly, because the Star Wars story is not the Star Wars story you had imagined before Lucas’ vision of the whole thing, right ? Stop thinking you’re the almighty pearls-of-wisdom-owners in the place, and think with cold-mind and with your eyes wide opened. Lucas is Star Wars creators, he does what he wants with it, like it or not. He wants to make changes to make all the episodes tie in perfectly ? then BE IT.

  52. Andrew W. says:

    “Temuera Morrison is Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Jango Fett’s clone. Therefore, Boba Fett has to have Temuera Morrison’s voice, and that’s all”

    Jeremy Bulloch was Boba Fett long before Temuera Morrison was Jango Fett. Why should Morrison’s voice be dubbed over Bulloch’s? Why not dub Bulloch’s voice over Morrison’s? You say it’s logical, but your logic does not make sense. Why change the old to suit the new, when there was nothing wrong with the old in the first place? I mean, had there actually been a real problem with Boba’s voice from the originals (i.e. the sound was deteriorating beyond repair) I could certainly understand. I have no problem with Temeura as Jango; he was perhaps one of the better casting choices (with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Lee). But the discrepancy in voice could have been explained, for example, by an injury to Boba’s throat, perhaps in Revenge of the Sith. The change did not have to happen; it could have been explained in a way that would not have upset anyone at all, perhaps in an extremely interesting way as well. But instead the easy path is taken, the seductive path, the dark side.

  53. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    No, you’re mixing things up … First, this is not Bulloch’s voice we hear in ESB, second, Jeremy Bulloch, was the man wearing the mask, but he was NOT Boba’s face, like Temuera Morrison was Jango’s (and therefore Boba’s), so it has nothing to do with Bulloch. Second, I wouldn’t have said anything if Lucas had kept Boba’s “original voice” for the DVD release, I’m just saying that the fact he changed it does not make himself a “motherfucker”. I’m not saying this change HAD to be, I’m saying that the fact it’s there is nothing shocking and just improves the continuity of the movies. Now perhaps some of you don’t give a f*ck about this continuity, because they’re just too narrow-minded to think a little bit about Lucas’ motivations for that change (I’ve read that some of you were thinking that it’s because he does not respect fans or because he hates Boba … pfff … bullshit) before starting to launch abusals, but just try to think two seconds, objectively : Morrison IS Boba Fett as well as Jango, and therefore, his voice over the original is nothing else that an improvement, I’m sorry for the bunch of you who are just in their “no-don’t-touch-Boba-you-can’t-do-that-it’s-murder” thing, but as I said before, nothing will force you to buy those DVD, but don’t open your mouth to pour your shit all over the place, abusing Lucas won’t make anything but show that you’re just too weak to think logically, as Boba would have certainly done in the same case.

  54. hibbs says:

    Well said Mandalorian Wrath.

  55. Sam says:

    if he keeps doing this, I will turn to the darkside!

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