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In collaboration with a network of other Star Wars fan sites — Yakface, Jedi News, Jedi Temple Archives, Star Wars Action News, Idle Hands, Teekay-421, and — here is your one-stop download for being ready for “Force Friday” on September 4th:

Download PDF

This PDF checklist came about since there isn’t one. Despite all the buzz, there wasn’t a clear cross-brand list to even know what’s available this Friday. Instead of dealing with that secrecy, these Star Wars fan sites worked tirelessly to compile a document for you, the fan.

Note that the checklist is focused around action figures and related collectibles. It excludes books and apparel. For any of those involving Boba Fett, we’ll add those separately below.

“Force Friday” begins at the minute Thursday night becomes Friday morning: midnight. As for Boba Fett merch, here are the highlights to start finding:

  • Hasbro
    • Hasbro has a Boba Fett figure in “The Force Awakens” packaging, although it’s noted clearly on the back it’s a classic figure from “The Empire Strikes Back.” This 3.75″ figure comes with an “Armor Up” accessory in a desert fatigue and will retail for at or around $12.99.
    • Hasbro also has a new Star Wars Chess set in their “The Force Awakens” packaging. It was spotted on a shelf at Walmart in South Carolina by @RyansPitch on August 28.
    • Boba Fett Hero Mashers — as a basic figure ($14.99) and a deluxe two-pack with Han Solo ($24.99) — are also newly available
    • Hasbro’s Black Series “Titanium” Slave I is also on the list, which retails for $4.99
    • Hasbro took over the MicroMachines line from Galoob and they’re back: Clone Army Raid, which has “The Force Awakens” packaging but clearly notes “Attack of the Clones” for Jango Fett’s Slave I in this 3-pack
    • Boba Fett Interactive Room Guard, perfect for keeping your stash safe — from other intergalactic space thieves
  • LEGO has a “Buildable” Jango Fett (75107), which consists of 85 pieces
  • Walgreens will be stocking Funko’s white “Prototype” Boba Fett POP Vinyl figure, which has already begun selling through a separate deal in Australia
  • Random House and LucasBooks are unveiling “Star Wars: Aftermath” this Friday (although it’s already in some stores early); it may have a Boba Fett reference on page 300, which is significant since it’s part of the new Star Wars canon and it takes place after “Return of the Jedi”
  • Topps has a Boba Fett dangler, which looks like a keychain, only available at Target

On a lighter (for the pocketbook) side, Target has a #ShareTheForce campaign, which has already started. Their website features Boba Fett — although his helmet is backwards. You can upload your memory of Boba Fett to be tagged in their 3D database.


Walmart also ran an ad that shows Boba Fett on a “collectible Star Wars Trading Discs which can be used for an exciting game.” These are called Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions, which are expected to be found in their toy aisle this Force Friday. Here’s a picture on the right, thanks to @McHale262.

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