Be Quite the Bounty with the Star Wars Suits and Ties from OppoSuits

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Lego Master Cole wearing the suit, along with his own Boba Fett helmet

For five years OppoSuits has provided unique, quality-made suits for fans of all fandoms who aren’t afraid to show their geeky side. With over one hundred designs for men, women and kids you won’t be able to leave their online shop without finding something that will suit (no pun intended) your fancy. They ship to several different countries offering fans around the world the chance to spice up their closet a little more. OppoSuits also offers free shipping to US residents if you get your order in by 2pm PST! Now let’s get on the good stuff, shall we?

Their officially licensed Star Wars line for men includes a range of Light and Dark side themes with suits ranging from bold and bright to subtle and cool. We here at Boba Fett Fan Club took a liking to their Festive Force suit. It screams “bad guy” and so obviously our favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, is included among the several characters featured in the fair isle pattern. All of their slim fit cut suits are made of an open woven, high quality polyester. The jackets include an inner lining, inside pockets and outside pockets. Their pants also have pockets in the front and the back along with button closures in the back for extra security. We feel that in this particular suit you will be quite the bounty at that Holiday party you have coming up!

Besides your basic Star Wars sweaters and ties it’s not often we find unique Star Wars wear for men that wouldn’t exactly fall under the “casual” category. So if you’re looking for something that makes a statement for a special occasion, be sure to check out the rest of the line here and submit your ideas for even more Star Wars suits that will be released in 2018. And while you’re at it, perhaps suggesting Star Wars options for women and the little ones would be a good idea too!

Want the suit? Enter our contest before December 20, 2017 11:59 PM Pacific for a chance to win!

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