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New from HEX is your choice of a Boba Fett snap case or a Boba Fett wallet case for an iPhone. The snap cases feature a little less than half of Boba Fett in a headshot style image that includes his rangefinder. The case itself is leather on plastic with a green felt lining for your phone. Fett is embossed in the leather appearing the same color as the rest of the case. Towards the bottom is a sewn-on leather patch reminiscent of a pair of jeans that includes the Star Wars logo, the HEX logo, some lettering that appears to resemble Aurabesh, "made in the USA," and presumably the product code: Inside the case in the felt is the HEX logo and the phrase "As you wish."

HEX offers both style cases in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X sizes. While the website says the size is designated for the iPhone 8, the packaging indicates it will fit the 7, 6S, and 6 as well. Not all snap cases can fit all 4 styles due to Apple’s changing the camera size, positioning, and protrusion from model to model. I was not able to compare this feature for the plus size phones for this review. If you want to go fancier the wallet case features Fett’s full helmet when opened.

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The inside of the wallet is green leather with yellow inside the 3 credit card slots -- or 5 for the "Plus" -- and a plastic tray mount for your phone that again features the HEX logo and the phrase "As You Wish." Finally, the wallet case has an elastic band to hold it all closed.

My take: this is a great case. I love the subtlety of the image in the leatherwork. The case snaps on easily and stays on -- something that isn’t always a guarantee with snap cases. Having used this case for a week now I’m pleasantly surprised by the durability of the little leather patch. I carry my phone in my rear pants pocket with the screen facing outward. I had thought that the patch would repeatedly catch on the pocket button causing it to peel or the stitching to fray. I’m happy to report this has not been the case.

The only flaw I can find after a week’s worth of use is some discoloration has begun to appear in the leather on the sides and around the edges. Even though it may not look as pristine as when I opened it, Fett himself is a little beat up so for me it just adds character to, well, the character.

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This is an easy purchase decision if you’re a Fett fan. Currently only the plus size cases are available through their website as the other sizes are sold out. If you’re willing to look beyond Fett they have currently have full availability in their other Star Wars designs: Darth Vader, R2-D2, Stormtrooper, and X-Wing Helmet (which is a snap case only) on their website.

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