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Put Slave I in orbit with Orbitkey

I’m a big fan of key organizers. I carry a lot of keys for work and with a physically demanding job they keep me from shredding my pockets. However, I have so few keys for daily life I never felt the need to get one for home. If only there was one that matched the theme of my embarrassingly large collection of… Boba Fett? Boba Fett, where?

Introducing the Boba Fett inspired key organizer from Orbitkey. One of four Star Wars themed key organizers — The Mandalorian, Grogu, Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious — inspired by each character’s unique look and design, now available on their website.

From the Australian company’s marketing:

“Like the Bounty Hunter’s armour designed to withstand the unforgiving dunes of Tatooine™, this limited edition Key Organiser is designed to withstand the toughest environments in your galaxy. The contemporary camo nylon band and maroon leather lining pays homage to Boba Fett’s iconic helmet and chest plate, while gunmetal hardware is reminiscent of his dangerous armaments.”

When looking at the design of the four Star Wars themed organizers it’s quickly apparent that these are intended to be more upscale personal accessories than they are to be obvious collectible merch. Mando, Grogu and the Emperor have a very sleek two-tone design to them, and I have to admit that the black and purple of Palptine’s looks super classy. Like, I might buy that one too, classy. While those three characters can be very easily reduced to a dichromatic color palette, Boba Fett cannot (nor should he be).

At first glance Boba’s key organizer could be mistaken for simple camouflage. But the use of grey and green, evocative of his flack jacket and chest armor, mixed with the yellow of his shoulder and knee pads almost overshadow the sinister black of that most dreaded t-visor. Of course it’s easily mistaken for something else, because when you realize it’s Boba Fett, it’s usually too late. The interior of the organizer features a maroon leather lining to protect your keys. The coloring and material an obvious call back to his belt and ammo pouches. I would presume those same pouches are where Boba would keep his keys, right?

Functionally this design takes a minimalistic approach as well. For my use it comfortably fits three normal sized house keys and a file cabinet sized key. The band has some flexibility to add more keys however I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with more as the screw rod that goes through your keys may not maintain its own tension and come loose. This has already happened to me once in the week I carried it prior to writing this. It’s not the end of the world and has been an occasional issue with all the key organizers I’ve had, you just need to tighten it back down occasionally. More keys on the rod means less bite for the screw insert, which can lead to your off-brand key organizer coming apart as you drop it into a personals tray to pass through a magnetometer on your way into a stadium. Or so I’ve heard.

Orbitkey’s packaging says you can carry from 2 to 7 keys. But what about my car key? Well, unless your car qualifies for historic plates at the DMV you won’t be putting its key in here. But Orbitkey still has you covered, they’re fully prepared for the fact today’s car keys have more buttons and heft than Darth Vader’s chest plate. A sturdy plastic D ring wraps around the band giving you a mounting point for any oversized keys. It is however BYO when it comes to a clip or ring to connect to their D ring. Orbitkey does offer additional rings and accessories that can be used for this, but they are not included with the organizer.

Overall it does have a very classy vibe to it. Something that might grab your valet’s attention if you’re the type to hand over your entire key ring at the casino or hotel (or overly pretentious shopping mall). This scenario seems in line with the price point of $44.00 USD. This isn’t a tchotchke, dime a dozen, purchase on a whim key chain. This is for the upscale Boba Fett fan. Or the I’ve got everything else Boba Fett fan. Or the “my wife said I can’t wear anything Boba Fett to this wedding” Boba Fett fan. I’ll let you decide which one of those is me.

Even the packaging is classy. Much of it is black on black. The organizer is partially exposed giving the buyer a sense of its look and feel. Initially concealed within the packaging are the instruction card as well as a Boba Fett character card. The instructions are grey printing on black which I found challenging to read in all but the brightest of lighting conditions, however the accompanying pictures are white line drawings and much easier to make out than the text. The character card features a white line drawing of Boba on one side, and both a product description and character description on the other. I found the packaging easy to open and the organizer easy to remove with minimal damage to the packaging. (Collectors, take note.)

Would I have bought this without having had a chance to review it? At this price point I honestly don’t think so. Not being a keychain guy it seems a bit high to me, and my taste in collectibles lean to the more overt. But this key chain has grown on me in the time that I’ve had it to the point where I probably will buy one if I ever have to replace it. Or maybe ask for one for to have a spare. But like I said at the top, I’m a big fan of key organizers.


4 / 5
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