2013 Holiday Sales Featuring Boba Fett

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(UPDATE: This article is from 2013. See our always up-to-date Boba Fett holiday guide, maintained each year with the latest and greatest.)


(Updated: December 2, 3:55pm PST)

In addition to our evergreen holiday guide and our collectibles database of holiday ornaments, we wanted to share a helpful breakdown of holiday sales involving Boba Fett (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, etc.), as started early this morning on our Twitter.

Note: most of these sales end Monday, December 2nd, so don’t miss out.

(Are we missing something cool? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update.)




  • Google Play has a special download for Tiny Death Star, which unlocks the Boba Fett appearance in the game sooner than normal; free game and free download
  • Blu-ray Star Wars I – VI, including Boba Fett’s cartoon in Holiday Special, is hovering around 46% off on Amazon



  • BustedTees has one t-shirt featuring Boba Fett’s helmet, 60% off with code “CyberMon” [No longer available.]
  • Earrings made out of Boba Fett MicroMachines by Jillian Logue are 20% off with code “CYBERMONDAY20”
  • UD Replicas, which has a Boba Fett motorcycle jacket coming out soon, is doing 20% off with code BLKFRI
  • Three t-shirts by Sketchcraft that feature Boba Fett are $5 off until Monday
  • “Dawn of the Fett” t-shirts on sale for over 50% off: £7 / $11.76 on Mik Mcdade’s Etsy store, including free postage for UK customers
  • “Fett’s Vette” musician @_mcchris has merch on sale

Toys and Print (e.g. Comics)

  • Hasbro, which only stocks two Boba Fett items online, has a 25%-off-plus-free-shipping sale with code “SAVE25”
  • Dark Horse Comics is doing 50% off with code “DHDCYBER2013” — actually, make that 60% off with code “CMAPRNFRV6” — for their digital issues/bundles
  • Vintage toy & video game shop @newwavetraders is adding a free LEGO Boba Fett LED light with orders on their site
  • Things From Another World, the official online shop for Dark Horse Comics, has 15 items on sale:
    • “Boba Fett is Dead” #1 is $0.70 (80% off); the alternate cover is $2.10 (40% off) [no longer available]
    • “Boba Fett is Dead” #2 is $0.70 (80% off) [no longer available]
    • “Boba Fett is Dead” #3 is $0.70 (80% off) [no longer available]
    • “Boba Fett is Dead” #4 is $0.70 (80% off) [no longer available]
    • All four issues above are collected in a trade paperback, which is $8.99 (40% off) [no longer available]
    • The prior trade paperback in this series, “Star Wars: Blood Ties Volume 1 TPB – A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett,” is also $8.99 (40% off) [no longer available]
    • Issue #4 in the first volume series is also on sale, $0.70 (80% off) [no longer available]
    • Pop Star Wars Vinyl Bobble #08 Boba Fett is $8.99 (10% off) [no longer available]
    • Star Wars Adventures: Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear is $3.19 (60% off) [no longer available]
    • Boba Fett Bust Bank is $15.99 (20% off) [no longer available]
    • Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder is $26.39 (20% off) [no longer available]
    • Boba Fett Holiday Spec Animated Maquette is $111.20 (20% off) [no longer available]
    • Boba Fett Neon Sign is $99.99 (20% off) [no longer available]
    • Jango Fett Artfx+ Statue Ep II Version 2 is $49.49 (10% off) [no longer available]
    • Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett trade paperback is $14.99 (40% off) [no longer available]
  • Amazon frequently has collectibles at a discount, but we found some items in particular that are worth noting:
    • “The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett” is $59.99 (40% off)
    • Star Wars, Vintage Collection: Villain Set (Sand People, Boba Fett & Snaggletooth) is $12.47 (38% off) [no longer available]
    • Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Minifigure 9496 is $18.44 (8% off)


  • Consider it a chip off of the shipping costs, but you can get $25 off from Sideshow Collectibles when you pick up their Bronze Boba Fett with code “BFC-M2013-5GSDMLEP”
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  1. It’s loosely related but there’s a Small Business Saturday sale featuring Fett helmets and other Mandalorian gear:

    1. BFFC Admin says:

      Thanks for the link to your work! Very nice. What is the exact sale price vs. normal price?

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