Holiday Season Guide for Boba Fett Fans

Updated for 2023!

Guide to Boba Fett Holiday Gifts, Decorations, and Holiday Spirit

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Boba Fett Gifts

Regardless of the time of year, we believe it is always great to gift to Boba Fett friends and family.

Here are some suggestions with price ranges (before tax/shipping) to recommend for Fett fans of all kinds. Be sure to double check the item is in stock and order soon if you’re hoping it’ll come before the holidays. Triple check with the vendor to be sure, too.


Normally $40, the 2022 waffle maker is under $10 on sale at Amazon.



$$$ / Good Luck / Premium

Denuo Novo is doing 15% off plus free domestic shipping, or 50% off international shipping, until December 19th.


There are so many more collectibles to recommend (which we track) and even more to link up (which we can’t take on for everything everywhere). See just our list of Fett-worthy 2023 releases. The database goes all the way back to the 1970s, too!

Holiday-themed Boba Fett gifts and decorations

New for 2023:

This last one is blind box style, so no guarantee you’ll get the Boba Fett.

New for 2022:

New for 2021:

Here are other picks from years past that you can still track down online:

Looking for all Boba Fett holiday ornaments? We have a holiday ornaments section just for that. Tons of great stuff from years past, where it’s hard to just order them online at this point.

How about all collectibles related to Boba Fett? We have a massive collectibles database, including recommended links to online shops where available and only if recommended.

Need a handy way to make a list of what you want? You can use a free BFFC account to create a “My Bounty” list. Perfect for tagging what you have versus what you want, to make a Fett-worthy holiday list.

What about something fan-made instead?

There are a few fun holiday cards:

Christmas card from PJ McQuade ($5.50 each, but also sold in packs of 10 for $25 and in group packs with other fun artwork)

Bounty hunter holiday card artwork by Christopher Burdett (12 for $15)

Do you have something unique for the holiday season? Post your picture on our message board or our Facebook or let us know via our Twitter or Instagram

Boba Fett Holiday Spirit

As of 2021, you can watch two Fett-worthy things on Disney+ (besides the forthcoming “The Book of Boba Fett”): they have the Star Wars Holiday Special cartoon (search for “Story of the Faithful Wookiee”), the Droids cartoon (search for “Star Wars Droids” and see episode 4), and a short documentary on the history of Boba Fett (search for “Under the Helmet”).

Back in 2001, produced an online animation called “Holiday at the Fetts.” They no longer have it online, but we host the Flash animation and re-mastered it for YouTube:

Cameron Kim Jones made these cards in 2015 and they were available for a little while, but no longer. Here they are for posterity.


“Boba Sledding” by Cameron Kim Jones


“A Bounty-ful Gift” by Cameron Kim Jones


“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fettmas” by Lesley aka Sweet Geek (no longer available from the artist on Etsy)

Create your own Boba Fett ornament

Snowflake Boba Fett
(PDF) and introduction article by Matters of Grey (

Boba Fett Snowflake Template
(PDF, 2013) by Anthony Herrera Designs

Boba/Clone Snowflake Template and Instructions ( copy since is no longer online)

Share your creations on our message board or on our Facebook!

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