Holiday Season Guide

Updated for 2019 -- Boba Fett gifts, Boba Fett decorations, and Boba Fett holiday spirit, all in one place.

Guide to Boba Fett Holiday Season Gifts and Decorations

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Boba Fett Gifts

Regardless of the time of year, we believe it is always great to gift Boba. Here are two options for you: you want to buy a gift or you already have a gift.

You want to buy a holiday-themed Boba Fett gift:

Looking for some officially-licensed Boba Fett items that are directly related to the holiday season? We organize all of the holiday ornaments but that's not everything.

Here's what new for 2019:

Animated Boba Fett Edition Backpack
Loungefly | 2019

Here are other picks from years past that you can still track down online:

Star Wars Collectable Coin Advent Calendar
All Things Epic | 2018

Numskull Boba Fett Beanie / Bobble Hat
Numskull | 2017

Boba Fett Cardigan Sweater
Junk Food Clothing Co. | 2016

Hallmark Boba Fett Ornament
Hallmark | 2016

Kurt Adler Boba Fett Nutcracker
Kurt Adler | 2016

Hallmark LEGO Boba Fett Ornament
Hallmark | 2014

Kurt Adler Boba Fett Stocking
Kurt Adler | 2015

Kurt Adler Boba Fett Wooden Block
Kurt Adler | 2015

Hallmark Boba Fett Ornament
Hallmark | 1998

Hallmark Jango Fett Ornament
Hallmark | 2013

Hallmark Slave I Ornament
Hallmark | 2011

Kurt Adler Boba Fett Ornament
Kurt Adler | 2005

Kurt Adler Holiday Glass Ornament Gift Set
Kurt Adler | 2005

Some other suggestions:

Amazon has a 68% off sale right now for the Funko Smuggler's Bounty boxes, including the Boba Fett one with Han Solo in Carbonite.

In 2005, Lucasfilm released the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray which includes the entire Boba Fett cartoon in the "Star Wars Holiday Special." While not holiday themed per se, it originally aired the week before Thanksgiving and is a great little story. Better than watching on YouTube, too.

Looking for something handmade and/or fan-made?

There are a few fun Christmas cards:

  • Some craftspeople who make Boba Fett Christmas Stockings:
  • Perfect for the cold weather, there are many, many crochet Boba Fett hats sold on Etsy. There used to be just one or two, but then came the masses. We haven't found any that we love, so...
    • Here's a list of the search results. Let us know what you dig in the comments!
  • Little Shop of Pins has a "Holiday Special" inspired Boba Fett pin.
  • Looking for anything at all related to Boba Fett? Browse our collectibles database, which provides links to online shops where applicable/recommended.

    Looking to make a list for yourself or someone? Use your BFFC account to create a "My Bounty" list, which can easily tag items you want, like a holiday list.

    You already have a Boba Fett gift:

    Do you have something unique for the holiday season? Post your picture on our message board or our Facebook or let us know via our Twitter or Instagram

    Boba Fett Holiday Spirit

    Back in 2001, produced an online animation called "Holiday at the Fetts." They no longer have it online, but we host the Flash animation and re-mastered it for YouTube:

    Cameron Kim Jones made these cards in 2015 and they were available for a little while, but no longer. Here they are for posterity.


    "Boba Sledding" by Cameron Kim Jones


    "A Bounty-ful Gift" by Cameron Kim Jones


    "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fettmas" by Lesley aka Sweet Geek (no longer available from the artist on Etsy)

    Boba Fett Decorations

    You want to create a Boba Fett decoration:

    You want to be inspired by others who have created a Boba Fett decoration:

    • See our list from Etsy crafters (above).

    You already created a Boba Fett decoration:

    Share your creations on our message board or on our Facebook!

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