New Message Board in February

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Faster, smaller, lighter than the rest. With goals like that, who else would Boba Fett go with? We're going with punBB, a board system that focuses on the communication, rather than the bells and whistles.

With a new board, too, comes a larger group of moderators, set to keep the topics and messages fresh and fun. You will be able to spot them with a "BFFC" username prefix.


  • Avatars 60x60 graphical images to go with your posts.
  • Private Messages Up to 20 at a time, to strengthen communication.
  • Sticky Posts Bringing the best topics to the top.
  • Well-Developed Skins, mods, and regular upgrades.
  • Subscribe to Posts Always at the bottom of each topic, to know when to come back for more.
  • RSS Feeds For easy integration with My Google, My Yahoo, and others.
  • Password Improvements Beyond our UBB from 2001, this should be smooth for years to come.

Subscribers of the free Hunter's Journal newsletter will get to sign up first in early February.

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  1. KudarMubat15 says:

    I do agree with you that the boards do need an upgrade. (even though I am not a member yet,) After looking at PunBB, it is a decent forum software, however I feel there are better options to choose from. My personal favorite is InvisionFree. It is very customizable. It has many great features, including all the ones you listed except the RSS Feeds. Of course, it is your decision. You should choose whatever you feel would be best for the Boba Fett Fan Club.

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