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For our 2007 Costume Contest, we’re officially announcing the four winners for the following prize-in-tow awards: Most Creative, Most Cost-Effective, Most Accurate, and Best in Show.

Most Creative
For all the fans who customize, with flames, colors or add-ons.
Prize: Star Wars Boba Fett Blaster Scaled Replica ($45 value)
Winner: Ray Ramirez – Mando Sniper

Most Cost-Effective
For all the fans who can make good use of cardboard, or some clever and resourceful alternative.
Prize: Star Wars Betrayal on Bespin Action Figure Battle Pack ($25 value)
Winner: Jacob – Boba Fett
Statement (via Jacob’s dad): “Made from a combo of a toy kit, a Walmart trash can, a sweatsuit, mock turtleneck, and some bondo/foam/fiberglass for the jetpack. Oh, and some slip on shoes that I spray-painted. Total price was around $150 or so.”

Most Accurate
For all the fans who study the reference photos and master the details.
Prize: Star Wars Boba Fett Scaled Helmet Replica ($50 value)
Winner: J. Salcedo – Boba Fett (Special Edition version Fett *)

Best in Show
For the one fan, who has the best all around costume in 2007.
Prize: EE Exclusive Star Wars Elite Forces of the Republic ($67 value)
Winner: Thomas Spanos – Durge

We’ll be contacting each winner above to redeem their prizes. (Disclaimers: 1) If for some reason we cannot get in touch within 30 days, we may consider runners-up. 2) Prizes may be substituted for similar items depending on their availability. 3) Upon receipt of a mailing address, prizes will be ordered for delivery within 30 days; delivery dependent on retailers.)
For more pictures of the above costumes, as well as all of the entries as well as more costumed fans (who contributed photos before or after this contest), see the complete album in our image galleries.

Also, see the original post for this contest from October 2007.

* [Correction: We earlier said this was an ROTJ costume, which several readers told us was inaccurate. This was our error in a notation for the entry. J. Salcedo entered a Special Edition version Fett. — Editor]

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  1. Corran Fett says:

    Congrats to everyone! It’s amazing to see such fan-devotion to their favorite (sub-)universe. Really sweet stuff out there!

  2. SarlaccBits says:

    Congratulations everyone!

  3. MandalorFett says:

    Way to go everyone! That’s some great work.

  4. Ralin Drakus says:

    AWSOME armors all!

  5. Beviin Verhayc says:

    Congratulations to the winners! EVERYONE has great Beskar’gam!

  6. Darth Durge says:


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