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#876: August 2, 2016

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#TriviaTuesday: Who was the antagonist in "#StarWars: #JangoFett" (2002)?

The art here is from the introductory pages of that graphic novel. You can find an original copy for about $5 on Amazon:

You can also find the answer if you search

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#82: May 31, 2014

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In Marvel's #StarWars #81 (1984), #BobaFett is found unconscious by Jawas outside the Sarlacc after The Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon. #ExpandedUniverse stories like this are newly considered just stories and not within the official storyline for the saga.

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#67: May 16, 2014

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While #BobaFett used aliases like #SarlaccFood and #SavaBrecMadak in the 1996 comic strip "Twin Engines of Destruction," Andy Mangels first coined the name of "Jaster Mereel" in relation to #BobaFett. In the #ExpandedUniverse, that name was used consistently, although it evolved to mean something and someone else (who was killed off). But that's commonplace. In the short story, "Last Man Standing," published in the 1996 book "Tales of the Bounty Hunters," we have these two great quotes: "One tale tells of Fett being a failed stormtrooper who killed his commanding officer. ... A third account tells of a Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn named Jaster Mereel who adopted the mask and guise when he was convicted of treason." In this panel from the comic, we can see part of his scars after escaping the #Sarlacc.

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#51: April 30, 2014

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#BobaFett was included in the #ExpandedUniverse effort called #StarWars #ShadowsOfTheEmpire. Back in 1996, we had a novel, multiple comic books, and this video game all include Fett. Can you identify which armor color version is used here in this promo artwork?

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#50: April 29, 2014

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If the #ExpandedUniverse is out, we could still see #BobaFett escape the Sarlacc. The official storyline just won't mirror the variety of versions already: #Jawas, #Dengar, and/or being "simply indigestible." If the official word on the street is that the jetpack-clad bounty hunter is still officially down in the pit after this #ReturnOfTheJedi moment -- pictured here in a painting by Dave Dorman -- it could also mean that 1) he's not necessarily dead and 2) he could escape in one of the new Disney/Lucasfilm films. What do you think?

For more about George Lucas' opinion on whether or not Boba Fett is alive or dead, see how it's waivered over the years but ends up now in the "alive" column: