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#1478: March 27, 2018

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Toybox #BobaFett, inspired by Disney Infinity, is expected to be available today exclusively at Disney Store / shopDisney

More info: https://bobafett.com/bounty/toys/disney/toybox-boba-fett/

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#324: January 28, 2015

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#BobaFett and #HanSolo are getting a lot of mentions in the blogosphere lately, but we're just hoping for a spin-off scene like this on Dagobah!

For more trading card artwork over the years, like this one in 1996 for #StarWars Galaxy 1's "New Visions" by Bo Hampton, visit http://bobafett.com/bounty/print/cards/

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#857: July 14, 2016

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Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan will be holding down the Fett fort with their panel, but this #StarWarsCelebration Europe -- which opens to all tomorrow in London -- has some cool additions.

For example, Alan Harris who auditioned the Prototype Armor #BobaFett will be there, along with an all-white Fett Hot Wheels exclusive. To follow along, or to live vicariously through our reportage, visit http://bit.ly/29Gj1n5.

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#1782: January 25, 2019

How would you improve #BobaFett in Star Wars Battlefront II?

Shown here is Fett during the "Victory Pose" select screen

Guest post by BFFC contributor Gustavo Perez

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#2079: November 18, 2019

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"It's no good to me soggy"

Funko cereal-style #BobaFett t-shirt in a box, exclusively sold at Walmart: https://bobafett.club/shi6a

Cinnamon coated cereal not included

#StarWars #DailyFett


#1632: August 28, 2018

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#BobaFett by Wytom_Fett with Fett's Vette

Follow Wytom_Fett: https://www.instagram.com/wytom_fett/

Track down Fett's Vette: https://www.facebook.com/therealfettsvette

Photo from WA State Toy and Geek Fest by miled_salsa (Instagram)

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#2194: March 12, 2020

Funko POP! #StarWars "Futura" #BobaFett (ECCC Shared Exclusive)

Pre-order should be up at 6am Pacific today on Target's site: https://bobafett.club/o0k1q

Good luck, Fett fans, with this normally sized version of the super sized one they released last year as a Target exclusive



#2244: May 1, 2020

Our annual #StarWarsDay round-up of #BobaFett sales is now live: https://bobafett.club/starwarsday2020

And it's also excluding two more Fett-worthy reveals still under embargo, so this isn't even all of it, folks

#BobaFettFanClub #DailyFett


#2035: October 5, 2019

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Which one is going on your head?

Left: ANOVOS (https://bobafett.club/95yz3)

Right: EFX / Chronicle (https://bobafett.club/h0e5r)

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#1418: January 26, 2018

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"The Master of First Impressions" by Vesa Lehtimaki(Avanaut)

See more of Vesa's #LEGO photography in his book: http://amzn.to/22HW4V3

"Little known fact: for an interstellar bounty hunter a landing platform can be the only place to make the all important perfect first impression. Boba Fett could wait hours in orbit, days even, for the perfect lighting and weather conditions for maximum awesomeness." -- Vesa

#BobaFett #StarWars #FanArt #DailyFett

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