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#50: April 29, 2014

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If the #ExpandedUniverse is out, we could still see #BobaFett escape the Sarlacc. The official storyline just won't mirror the variety of versions already: #Jawas, #Dengar, and/or being "simply indigestible." If the official word on the street is that the jetpack-clad bounty hunter is still officially down in the pit after this #ReturnOfTheJedi moment -- pictured here in a painting by Dave Dorman -- it could also mean that 1) he's not necessarily dead and 2) he could escape in one of the new Disney/Lucasfilm films. What do you think?

For more about George Lucas' opinion on whether or not Boba Fett is alive or dead, see how it's waivered over the years but ends up now in the "alive" column:

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