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1 Year Ago Today


#2091: November 30, 2019

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Star Wars Authentics has up to 40% off for their holiday sale: https://bobafett.club/g1p5j

57 official Fett photos available, including #IG88 and #BobaFett

#BlackFriday #StarWars #DailyFett

2 Years Ago Today


#1726: November 30, 2018

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"#StarWars Story" posters by Bebe Wang (https://www.behance.net/bebebebebe)

Practical effects in camera plus digital enhancements starting with a Hasbro Clone Trooper alarm clock, Gentle Giant Animated Boba Fett statue, and Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Ahsoka figure

#BobaFett #Wolffe #Ahsoka #DailyFett

3 Years Ago Today

#1361: November 30, 2017

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#ThrowbackThursday: Behind the scenes with stuntman Glenn Randall Jr. as #BobaFett on the Sarlacc pit set for #StarWars: Return of the Jedi.

In addition to Glenn, Boba Fett stunts were also done by Dickey Beer. The original Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, and another stuntman, Bob Yerkes, were not on the set at Yuma, Arizona.

This excerpt comes from the "Buckethead" video by StarWars.com circa 2002.


4 Years Ago Today


#996: November 30, 2016

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"Helmet Series: #BobaFett" by Scott Zambelli

Some prints from this series (except the Fett, for now) are available from the artist via RedBubble: http://bit.ly/2fPwlZH

Model: Andrew Miller.

5 Years Ago Today


#630: November 30, 2015

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#MandalorianMonday: Mismatch your socks in style. New #BobaFett and #HanSolo socks by @stancesocks, released today at https://stance.com/starwars.

See more sales going on through the rest of #CyberMonday at http://j.mp/BlackFridayBobaFett2015 (Helmet nod to @theladyfett for the heads up.)

6 Years Ago Today


#265: November 30, 2014

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This December, Medicom is releasing a BAPE (Bathing Ape) #BobaFett figure, complete with both removable helmet and surprise primate underneath. Thoughts?

For more details, see http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/unique/sideshow-medicom/medicom-bathing-ape-boba-fett/