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1 Year Ago Today


#2252: May 9, 2020

View on TwitterFeaturing Temuera Morrison

Unconfirmed, unnamed sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Temuera Morrison will be in Season 2 of #TheMandalorian playing #BobaFett: https://bobafett.club/morrisoncasting

Unless that's a flashback, it means Boba survives the Sarlacc one more time, but the only time in the current canon

It could also mean THR has the casting news correct but the role incorrect; time will tell as Lucasfilm has not confirmed any of this

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2 Years Ago Today


#1886: May 9, 2019

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#BobaFett photo by Wastu Kancana Aji

See more from the toy photographer: https://www.instagram.com/wastuaji/

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3 Years Ago Today


#1521: May 9, 2018

View on Instagram  |  Facebook  |  TwitterFeaturing Han Solo  |  Darth Vader

Ready for #SoloAStarWarsStory? It premieres tonight in Los Angeles.

Shown here is "Cruel Interrogations" by Mike Nash, which features #DarthVader and #BobaFett watching #HanSolo being tortured on Cloud City.

Artwork for Star Wars TCG (The Card Game) by Fantasy Flight Games.

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4 Years Ago Today


#1156: May 9, 2017

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#TriviaTuesday: We saw another side of #BobaFett with Xasha in #StarWars "The Force Unleashed 2" (2010). Did it throw off the Sintas Vel storyline for you?

More info: https://bobafett.com/bounty/books/comics/star-wars-the-force-unleashed-2-tpb/

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5 Years Ago Today

#791: May 9, 2016

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#MandalorianMonday: We may never get the #StarWars 1313 video game meant to star #BobaFett, but that hasn't stopped fans from appreciating his official costume design artwork that was shown in 2013.

Character artist Paul Packham made this 3D model. The original costume design was done by Gustavo H. Mendonca. Video by BFFC.

See more of Paul's work here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wE8X9

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6 Years Ago Today


#425: May 9, 2015

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#Boba Fett on the illustrated cover of #StarWars Tales #7 (2001). Art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco.

For more of Fett's comic book appearances, view our records in the Bounty database: http://bobafett.com/bounty/books/comics/


7 Years Ago Today


#60: May 9, 2014

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There were only a few artists online dabbling with #BobaFett art back in 1996, the same year when our #BobaFettFanClub first began. This #StarWars artwork from Australian illustrator Tony Bela was a big deal, appearing as a very accurate 3D model with a pro Photoshop finish. Bela shared one version with a clean blue background, and then soon thereafter came out with this version featuring Jabba's Palace.

Check out the original version and also the uncropped newer version: