"Pre-Pro #2" Boba Fett

Mid 1978

"Pre-Pro #2" (PP2) Boba Fett (Mid 1978)

This armor was later used for "The Empire Strikes Back" and a Kenner photo shoot, which is why the vintage action figure has red and yellow gauntlets.

It's believed that Mario Maala painted the PP2 helmet/armor and Sandy Dhuyvetter worked on the costume.

The original prop was stolen and is in a private collection.

Photo Gallery Collectibles

Upper Body


    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett with Left Shoulder's PP2-Specific...
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    Used for publicity photos, but not for any film


    Left and right "ears" are nearly the same color, unlike PP3


    Dented helmet

    Chest and Back Armor


    Front right armor plate is a different green than the front left side


    Back armor is scratched/chipped

    Blaster Rifle and Sidearm

    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett with Right Blaster Raised
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    Sling gun (made from a Kaiser camera rifle grip and shoulder stock, Rotring Sec-O-Mat arrow, and hand telescope)


    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett, Arm Out
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    Teal, yellow, red and white, like the ROTJ


    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett, Arms Down
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    Right gauntlet is red


    Left gauntlet is yellow, which includes a flamethrower element and "laser"


    Gauntlet hose goes into the arm cuffs over the bicep

    Shoulder Armor

    Boba Fett's Shoulder (Pre-Production #2), Left
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    Unique skull variant on the left shoulder


    No symbol on the right shoulder


    Pre-Pro 2 Shoulder Symbol (Fan Made by RafalFett, But...
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    Different shoulder symbol with some more scratches and some paint splatter on the top right

    Pre-Pro 2 Chest Symbol (Fan Made by RafalFett, But...
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    Different chest symbol


    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett, Arms Up
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    Right brown glove has a circle with a middle rectangle dividing it into three sections


    Left brown glove has a circle with the middle divided by two triangle oriented like a bowtie


    Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett with Left Arm Flamethrower Raised
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    Left shoulder has an olive green cape, originally a vintage Vietnam War era U.S. Army tent

    Source: Ord Mantell (TDH)

Lower Body

    Shin Tools


    Four shin tools (Sonic Beam Weapon, Anti-Security Blade, Survival Knife, and Jet Pack Adjustment Tool)