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Boba Fett Costume

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"Jedi" Boba Fett



It's known that Sandy Dhuyvetter painted the hero helmet. One of the stunt jetpacks is also known to have a lightsaber slash in the back, which is from unused footage that never made it into the film.

Photo Gallery

Upper Body

    Blaster Rifle and Sidearm

    • Boba Fett on the Skiff, Alternate Angle Before Luke's...
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      EE-3 has much darker with grooves on the barrel and no strap, unlike ESB
    • Scope is mounted more toward the back
    • Unlike "Empire" Boba Fett, no sidearm blaster


    • Boba Fett's Cape in
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      Olive green cape

    Chest and Back Armor

    • Boba Fett at Jabba's Palace
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    Flight Suit

    • Light grey flight suit


    • Close up of Boba Fett's right gauntlet
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      Gauntlets are dark red / burgundy


    • "Return of the Jedi" Director Richard Marquand...
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      Light grey and white double layered cotton gloves
    • Right hand padding is longer than the left (Bobamaker)
    • Fastened on the underside with a white button (Bobamaker)


    • Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett in Jabba's Palace...
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      Darker green / medium green helmet
    • Upper cheeks of helmet are blue-green
    • 18 killstripes
    • Mandibles and head band are red / burgundy
    • Keyhole slots on the back of the helmet with a visible appearance of a circuit board.
    • Helmet dome has a prominent dent in the left-front portion
    • Helmet back panels are primarily a medium green color
    • Rangefinder assembly on the right side
    • Rangefinder stalk appears metallic with two red "lights" on top
    • Both weathered ears are metallic silver
    • Right cheek has a weathered silver "diagnostic port"
    • Right ear has a "micro switch"
    • See the 501st Legion CRL for more details


    • EXT. SKIFF - Boba Fett
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      Jetpack is "medium blue, silver, white, black, yellow-orange, and red" (501st CRL)

    Shoulder Armor

    • EXT. SKIFF
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      Golden yellow shoulder armor
    • Left shoulder armor has the Mandalorian skull symbol


    • Return of the Jedi Shoulder Symbol (Fan Made by Rafal...
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      Shoulder icon has separated "tusks"

    Wookiee Scalps

    • Wookiee scalps are "blonde, brown and black braided loops of hair hung from the right shoulder" (501st CRL)

Lower Body

Boba Fett

"Concept" Boba Fett

Early 1978

2 sub-variants

"Pre-Pro" Boba Fett

Mid 1978

5 sub-variants

"Animated" Boba Fett

Late 1978 and 1985

2 sub-variants

"Special Edition" Boba Fett


2 sub-variants