"Concept" Boba Fett

1977 - Early 1978

This costume has 2 sub-variants:

  • "McQuarrie Concept" Boba Fett
  • "McQuarrie/Johnston Concept" Boba Fett

The Ralph McQuarrie Concept Fett evolved the "supertrooper" character in early drafts of "The Empire Strikes Back" into the more unique character of Boba Fett. Ralph McQuarrie contributed several concept sketches (circa 1977) and paintings of Boba Fett (wearing a Western-style brown poncho) as well as his ship, Slave I (circa mid 1978). One variant of McQuarrie's version is a red triangle pointing down on the helmet above the visor, which you can often see in McQuarrie Fett collectibles. Joe Johnston also evolved the design of this look and the two sometimes share a credit for Fett's evolution in this stage.

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Upper Body


    Boba Fett Concept by Ralph McQuarrie
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    Rangefinder is sometimes on the left ear or right ear of the helmet, depending on the sketch number
     Never a full "T" visor


    Boba Fett Prototype Sketch
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     No shoulder symbol

Upper Body

Lower Body

    Knee Armor and Darts

    Boba Fett "Evolutions," Step 1: Joe Johnston's...
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    One early sketch talks about the knee darts being able to fire in either direction - front or back

Boba Fett

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