Benjamin Carre's "Trophy"

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Popular film blog, /Film, ran a post on the pro French illustrator (and Star Wars fan), Benjamin Carre. [Update: Benjamin’s website at is no longer online. We’ve replaced that link with his official DeviantArt account.]


You can see more art, at full-res, in the original forum post by the artist on [Update: no longer has the artwork hosted.]

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  2. therealmccoy says:

    that looks amazing

  3. SITHSPAWN says:

    That looks awesome! I just hope I can find a copy of it to get on my wall.

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    That’s awesome! You should go to the link; there’s a few other (non-Boba but still but SW-related) images. The Darth Maul vs. the Rancor one is really nice.

  5. This is an amazing piece of art.

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