The Bounty Hunter's New Clothes

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Last year, Jeremy Bulloch attended a Sci Fi Expo in Dallas Texas. During this event, Alex Alva (aka SpideyFett) had an opportunity to speak with the original Boba Fett. Jeremy had told Alex about how amazed he was at the Fett costumes that The Dented Helmet had at the expo and it reminded him of the suit he wore during filming.

Later Alex learned that Jeremy actually wanted a full Fett suit for himself and had been wanting one for some time. And so, the “Jeremy Bulloch Project” began. The joint powers of memebers from The Dented Helmet and Rebelscum worked on the project for 6 months. The final costume was presented to Jeremy on April 5, 2008 at the Dallas Comic Con.

Pictures of the event and a link to the original story at Ricks Family Website Blog.

The Dallas Morning News wrote up a post, which includes a picture. “‘To get this suit is a highlight,’ Mr. Bulloch said. ‘We never got to keep our costumes after filming. I now have one to wear to events.’ The British actor flew in especially for the Boba Fett fete.”


Jeremy Bulloch Receives Boba Fett Suit from TDH

TDH Gangs gets Boba Fett Suit Ready for Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch interviewed after getting Boba Fett Suit


By Name

Helmet electronics created by Nic Armstrong. Helmet created by Chris Jones with painting and assembly by Alex Alva. Shoulder armor studs created by Michael Karp. Wookiee braids created by Julie Lesinger. Armor created by Chris Jones with painting and assembly by Jason Miller. Armor electronics created by Allen Mahurin. Vest for armor created by Eric Rothlisberger. Jumpsuit created by Mr. and Mrs. Jason Watson. Rifle created by Christian Hill with painting by Eric Duchin. Gauntlets created and assembled by Chris Jones with painting by Alex Alva. Leather belt created by Eric Rothlisberger with assembly by Marc Miller. Gloves created by Eric Timm. Girth belt donated by Scott Kaufmann. Rifle sling created by Marc Miller. Knees created by Chris Jones with painting by Jason Miller. Shin tools created by Darren Keal. Boots donated by Philip Wise. Rocketpack created by Christian Hill with painting by Nathan Mutter. Cape created by Chris Bartlett. Sidearm created by Christian Hill with paitning by Eric Duchin. Sidearm holster created by Chuck Ruffkin. Machined metal parts and Heiland Flash Tube donated by Philip Wise. Final assembly and tuning by Alex Alva, Jason Miller, and Eric Rothlisberger.

By Usernames

According the project coordinator, here’s the makers list on The Dented Helmet of who contributed what to the “Jeremy Bulloch Project.” (We’ve updated it for clarity and some minor typos.)

Painted by Spideyfett
Helmet Kit by FettPride
Aluminum Ears by SpideyFett/Evan4218
Visor by Philip Wise
MQ-1 Calculator Pad by FettPride
Borden Connector by Philip Wise
Stickers/Decals by Darthmiller
RF circuit board by mrgr8ness

Jumpsuit Fabric by Philip Wise
Sewing Services by SkyGunbro / GBH (Dying)

Painted by Darthmiller
Tackle Twill by TXFETT
Sewing Services by Batninja
Braids by Julie (with real horse hair)
Cape by TK409
Armor Plates (chest, collar, back, shoulder) by Fettpride V.3
Stickers by Evan4218
Chest Lights by Shackman
Collar Bolts by Ripcode

Painted by Slave1pilot
Jet Pack Kit by Man of War Studios
Aluminum Beacon/Stabilizer upgraded by Spideyfett.
US Divers Buckle by Spideyfett
Harness System by Batninja

Painted by Spideyfett
Gauntlet Kit by Fettpride (new ESB accurate)
Aluminum Darts (right) by Philip Wise
Rocket Upgrade (left) by Philip Wise
Hoses/Fittings by Darthmiller
Electronics by Batninja

ESB Gloves by GBH

Horse Girth Belt by TXFETT
Dye Process by Spideyfett
Web Straps by Batninja

Wood Blocks by Batninja
Leather by Batninja
Hip Pouch Fabric by Batninja
Sewing Services by Batninja

Painted by Darthmiller
Armor Plates by FettPride
Bolts by Ripcode

Painted by Darthmiller
Kneeguard Kit by FettPride
Aluminum Darts by Philip Wise
Elastic Strapping by Philip Wise

Painted by Bobamaker
Shin tools by Bobamaker

Boots by Philip Wise
Painted by Spideyfett
Toe Spikes by Philip Wise

RIFLE/ Sidearm
Painted by SuperJedi
ESB Rifle Kit by Man of War Studios Studios
Flash Tube by Philip Wise
Rifle Strap by Mark Miller
SIDEARM by Nemrod Speargun Casting / Man of War Studios
Holster by Ruffintoys

Graphics by Evan4218, Philip Wise, and Braks Buddy

Portrait of Jeremy Bulloch in his ESB suit, painted by Obi-Dan

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    thats AWESOME, checked out some of their photobucket pics and he looks just phenomenal in it

  2. Boba Fan says:

    It is SOOOOO cool! I wish I had one.

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