New Fett Action Figures in Stores Now

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As all Star Wars fan should know by now, there is an upcoming Clone Wars animated movie coming to theaters August 15. Along with the TV show which will be released afterwards, a new line of figures has come out today, July 26. Among the animated Clone Wars figures are a line of ‘Legacy Collection’ figures that are from the entire Star Wars saga and Expanded Universe. Thankfully, Boba Fett was not forgotten.

First up is a Battle at the Sarlacc playset. This playset is centered around the scene at the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi and comes with a Boba Fett figure to, unfortunately, re-enact his ‘death’ (We all know he escapes, no one deny it or suffer the wrath of the almighty Fett Fan).

Next is a Boba Fett ‘Galactic Heroes’ figure that comes with another Sarlacc set.

They have also re-released the Fett Legacy pack which now has the Boba figure with the correct decals painted on with Jango and Mandalore the Indomidable in new packaging that matches the white and blue packaging of the new Clone Wars figures.

There are also a number of Mandalorian figures as well as a certain Boba Fett impersonator.

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  1. Matthias42 says:

    now then, do I include the other mandalorians in my collection or leave it exclusively Boba….and should I include Jodo Cast since he’s an impersonator? Question questions questions

  2. fairyblood says:

    Teehee, yeah, if I spot Jodo Cast I’m certainly snatching him up. I’ll let all my other Fetts gang up on him in the fetal position or something.

  3. Chutabacca says:

    Check out this extremely hard to find Boba Fett Micky D Happy Meal figure.

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