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A recent interview where various fans sent their questions to Daniel Logan, the actor who portrayed Boba Fett in Episode II.

The interview is featured at the Daniel Logan fan site.

1) Who is your favorite STAR WARS character (other than Boba Fett)? (by Christina Pilcher) USA

“Yoda. I like him best because he is small and is different from all the other Jedis, but he is the most powerful.”

2) Out of all the places you shot on location for AOTC, what was your favorite? (by Christina Pilcher) USA

“Northern California. Because I was able to visit Lucas Ranch and hang out with George Lucas in his office.”

3) How did you feel seeing yourself on the Big Screen? (by Wo-Ja-Ann) POLAND

“It was strange because I come from a small place, New Zealand. And not many kids get to ever see themselves on the movie screen.”

4) What is your all time favorite movie? (by Emmy) USA

“The Fast and the Furious II.”

5) What kind of music do you like? (by Emmy) USA

“R & B and Rap.”

6) What would you be if you were really in the STAR WARS Universe (bounty hunter, jedi etc…)? (by Az’na Parker) USA

“I quite liked being the bounty hunter Boba Fett. If I had a choice I would not change. But if I could not be Boba Fett, I would want to be a Jedi!”

7) Did you ever go to one of the Lord of the Rings film sets? (by Spammy JC) Canada

“Sad to say, I was unable to visit the sets of Lord of the Rings. However, I have recently made good friends with some of the actors from the film. These include Sala Baker, John Rhys-Davies, Bruce Hopkins, Andy Serkis and Billy Boyd.”

8) What do you think of this website that Francesca made? (by Spammy JC) Canada

“I have to say I felt very honoured that Francesca took the time and effort to put together such a site just for me.”

9) Does it feel weird to have your image on STAR WARS collectibles and figures? (by Cky Fett) USA

“It did at first, but now I have gotten used to it and enjoy looking for the new items when they come out.”

10) Do you ever go onto Boba Fett message boards (like on the Boba Fett Fan Club or Daniel Logan sites) and post to fans? (by Cky Fett) USA

“Yes I have. I have written back, but people have accused me of not being ME.”

11) You are a wonderfully talented actor and I hope you achieve whatever you want to. What would be your ideal movie role? (by Kelly Parker)MONTANA, USA

“Thanks! I really would like to be in a war movie. I think it would be fun to have lots of action and gun fights!”

12) You have a great smile. I was wondering, what makes you laugh and out of interest are you very ticklish? (by Kelly Parker) MONTANA, USA

“Thank you very much. I love to laugh and smile, because it means to me that people around me are happy.”

13) What was your favorite experience while filming STAR WARS Episode II? (by Grace) USA

“Being able to meet the great people who make Star Wars come to the big screen for all the fans to see. I had a great time with George Lucas and Rick McCallum, plus all the actors were a crack up.”

14) What is your favorite book? (by Grace) USA

“Lord of the Rings.”

15) What advice would you give to a young person who would like to make it in the acting business like you have? (by Jedi Fett) USA

“Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make it after your first few auditions, keep trying. Set goals along the way and never lose site of them.”

16) If you were to put up a personal ad for yourself, how would you describe yourself? (by Jedi Fett) USA

“Why don’t you answer this one for me? I am curious to see what you would write. ?”

17) Who is your favorite non-Fett Star Wars character? (by Jedi Fett) USA

“As I stated in the first question, Yoda is my favourite character. However, I do have a personal favourite, R2-D2. Kenny Baker, the man who played R2 in every Star Wars movie is a close personal friend of mine. He is a great guy and I love seeing him whenever possible.”

18) How tall are you in feet and inches? ;) (by Jedi Fett) USA

“I am currently 5 feet 6 inches tall& and growing!”

19) What do you do in your free time? (by Ande) USA

“Play basketball, make Jack-Ass type videos, play video games, read books and study as much as I can.”

20) What’s the nicest thing a fan has done for you? (by Imogen) England

“A very nice young lady made me a custom Boba Fett bear and gave it to me at a convention in England.”

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  1. Rob says:

    Were you just visiting on the webcam, or are you actually in Episode 3?

  2. Adra Mereel says:

    okay, first question: do you have a girlfriend? YOu probably get that asked alot, 2nd question: Did you see Whale Rider? Did you like it? And the last qusetion, I can’t dance to save my life, can you?

  3. Callum Knox says:

    Do you like meeting new fans because I’m a great fan and I have a whole shelf dedicated to Boba Fett?

  4. Callum Knox says:

    After I saw you in Attack of the Clones I thought that you were a great actor, a perfect pick for young Boba Fett and I thought that it would be an honour to meet you in person. If you had a chance then would you meet alot of new fans?

  5. Christina Pilcher says:

    Hey everyone! Thanx so much for posting this interview! If you haven’t already noticed, I’m the lucky girl who came up with the first two questions Daniel answered! =) He’s such an awesome actor. We’re so proud to have him in Star Wars!

  6. danny says:

    I’ll be sure to pass your questions along to the people at

  7. Tiffany says:

    When are you going to come back to Salt Lake City Utah to sign pics and stuff? I didn’t get to go!

  8. Anti-FrizzBall says:

    why are all the spawn of jangos DNA as clones ugly Maoris? many ask !? as for Boba fetts role being played that kid with the 1970s hair cut was a major mistake of G Lucas, not to mention the painfull kiwi accents does G lucas now have a Maori FETTish ? either way that character as seriously gone down in my estimation knowing that nigger kid is gonna be Venerable boba in the future

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