Young Boba Fett to Appear in Clone Wars?

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Young Boba Fett

BFFC just got a tip from fan Peter G. about the's post regarding a clue for Boba Fett making his way into the Clone Wars animated series:

Justin L. pointed out that the young Boba Fett character shown on the Speed Stars packaging at Toy Fair 2010 looked like a young Boba Fett. After further research I think its safe to say that baby boy Boba is indeed ready to make an appearance on the animated television series, The Clone Wars. When will it happen? That's another story, but with product being shown that will be released prior to season three, my guess is sometime between now and the end of season two. We did just bump into some Mandalorians in the series, remember?

(via - photo taken at Toy Fair 2010)

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  1. Dethscithe says:

    This is kinda old news. we saw concept art for Fett during that panel at the comic con or whatever before season 2 aired.

    1. BFFC Admin says:

      This particular news? Not so sure about that, Dethscithe. We've heard news before about Fett in the live-action series and the only concept art being shown around wasn't specifically from the animated Clone Wars series. Can you show us otherwise?

        1. BFFC Admin says:

          Fair enough. :) My headline isn't great.

          New in this post, though, is seeing the presumed Young Boba Fett / Daniel Logan character on something official.

  2. peter goral says:

    Yeah, when i found this article i was definitely excited and i just had to send it to the BFFC. I'm pretty sure there hasnt been anything posted on the web before this, being that i frequent all the star wars collecting/fan sites daily. The concept art that Dethscithe is probally referring of is that if Pre Vizla or the other Deathwatch members because i was there to see those panels. But, no harm, no foul Dethscithe, just misinformed you were.

  3. Pre Vizsla says:

    I have heard rumors before saying that the young Boba Fett would appear in "The Clone Wars" animated series. I hope it's true. This would certainly fill up the gap that's left in Boba's childhood. Well anything that features Boba is great, as long as they don't screw it up. :-P

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