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  • Kast Aside by Melinda McMahon
    A tale of Jodo Kast's origin.
  • Mouth of Darkness by Brent Middlebrooks
    The bounty hunter sat behind a ledge peering onto the streets...
  • Return of Boba Fett by Kenneth Neill
    This story takes place between the trilogies. A story the bridges the empty spaces between previously published stories including The Empire Strikes Back, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, and Dark Empire II.



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  • “Good Evening, is this Mr. The Hutt? Great. I'm calling from the Kamino Steak Company and we have a wonderful offer for you this evening.”

    — David P , visitor Editor's Pick
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  • Boba Fett Apparel and Costumes (store-bought)
  • Recommended Costume & Prop Makers (Coming Soon)
    No need to fish around message boards. We're compiling a list of who does what — at what price.



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  • 20 years ago, one official magazine for Star Wars was the #Lucasfilm Fan Club. Their 21st issue featured #BobaFett and #SlaveI on the cover. 35 years ago, it was called Bantha Tracks, in which Boba Fett was first mentioned in print for their 5th edition, dated 1979.

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  • #FettFriday: #JodoKast as #BobaFett. In "Twin Engines of
Destruction," at first glance, even #Dengar doesn't know for certain if this is Kast or Fett saying "nice try." The four-part comic in 1996 was written by Andy Mangles, pencil art by John Nadeau, ink by Jordi Ensign, lettering by Michael Taylor, and color by Cary Porter.

For more about Jodo Kast, visit our Fettpedia wiki entry:

  • Check out this rare view of #BobaFett's Slave I model, which was used in #TheEmpireStrikesBack. This photo was included on the LucasArts "#StarWars: Behind the Magic" CD-ROM from 1998, which features nearly 100 references to Boba Fett and many hard-to-find behind-the-scenes photos.

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  • "#BobaFett looks on as the criminal underworld gathers in Jabba's palace," notes the caption on the LucasArts "#StarWars: Behind the Magic" CD-ROM from 1998, which features nearly 100 references to Boba Fett and many hard-to-find behind-the-scenes photos. Here's an alternate view from his scene in #ReturnOfTheJedi.

For more play-by-play on Boba Fett in the 1983 film, visit

  • Dave Dorman has made numerous #paintings including #BobaFett, ranging from limited-edition prints to widely-released covers of #StarWars comic books and novels. Here is one incredible piece of #art that included #Chewbacca.

To see all of Dorman's paintings, including one that was never released, visit: