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  • Dreams Drowned by Elizabeth A. Kowols
    Boba Fett falls for the final time, as Luke Skywalker becomes a tyrant, as his father before him.
  • Interlude by Jon Keim
    Between Vader's instructions and the capture of Han Solo, Boba Fett returns to his ship.
  • Whispers in the Cantina by Jillian Moyet
    A strange tale is told of an encounter with a certain bounty hunter, and all that followed.



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  • “Good Evening, is this Mr. The Hutt? Great. I'm calling from the Kamino Steak Company and we have a wonderful offer for you this evening.”

    — David P , visitor Editor's Pick
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  • Boba Fett Apparel and Costumes (store-bought)
  • Recommended Costume & Prop Makers (Coming Soon)
    No need to fish around message boards. We're compiling a list of who does what — at what price.



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  • Boutique designer @BlackMilkClothing announced a new line of #StarWars apparel. They call 'em "Shooters" and we call them #basketball jerseys. Starting May 4th, you can get the one just for #BobaFett fans and team "#Mandalorian Hunters." This follows their 2012 "Boba Fett's Last Stand" #dress, which is still sold through their Australian-based website.

For more details on both apparel items, check out and

  • The very first #prototype of #BobaFett's helmet included "eye" markings, seen here in this profile photo. It wasn't until the third version of the helmet's design that the extra embellishment was removed.

For more behind-the-scenes photos and references of just the "dented" helmet, visit this album within our costume guide gallery:

  • Happy #MandalorianMonday! Marvel's #StarWars series included #BobaFett's #Mandalorian colleagues -- Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa -- starting in issue 68, released in 1983.

Learn more about these Mandalorians on Fettpedia:

  • In the same year #BobaFett was unmasked in #AttackOfTheClones (2002), the #StarWars Infinities comic followed suit with this variant "#Empire" moment. This was a fresh take on an aged Boba Fett since he was portrayed completely unmasked by Daniel Logan.

For more about this issue, alongside every single Boba Fett #comic book released, visit:

  • 20 years ago, one official magazine for Star Wars was the #Lucasfilm Fan Club. Their 21st issue featured #BobaFett and #SlaveI on the cover. 35 years ago, it was called Bantha Tracks, in which Boba Fett was first mentioned in print for their 5th edition, dated 1979.

For more, please visit our Bounty collectibles database record for these issue: