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  • Fett and the Vong by Padawan JennHighly Rated by Readers
    This author's follow up to The New Jedi Order's novel, "Balance Point," dealing with Jacen Solo and the infamous bounty hunter we all know and love.
  • Accidental Compromise by Llewellyn HemingwayHighly Rated by Readers
    Boba Fett takes on a job that threatens to compromise his morals.
  • Kast in Darkness by Melinda McMahon
    Ada Nelep sat on the top of a grassy knoll and watched the distant harbour ahead. ...



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  • Editor's Pick "The best part of you was removed by the Kaminoans during the cloning process. Scab."

    — Patrick Euglow of millville, Sep 01, 2014
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  • #ThrowbackThursday: Here's an excerpt of an authentic, original script for the #StarWars Holiday Special. This page features #BobaFett's 17th of 20th line in the animation.

The entire script will be up for auction in early November via Joe Johnston (who originally designed Fett and who provided this picture). Here's hoping one of you Fett fans can pick it up!

For more about Fett's animated debut in 1978 and recently available on Blu-ray, see

  • IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: This limited edition Black Series Prototype #BobaFett lithograph had a limited edition of 1,500 and were given away as part of Hasbro Mexico's Star Wars Black Series launch event on October 17th.

The announcement included the news that Walmart would be the exclusive distributor in Mexico of the Black Series toys, presumably including the Walgreens exclusive (U.S. only) Black Series version of Prototype Boba Fett. (Helmet nod to MercadoLibre for the great photo of this and to for contributing to the reportage.)

  • #TatTuesday: #BobaFett Tattoo by Jess of RedHouse Tattoo (Depew, NY, just ten miles east of Buffalo). The original artwork here is work by Ruben Martinez, which you can see on his DeviantArt at

  • #MandalorianMonday: #BobaFett had a bit part in #StarWars: The Force Unleashed II, the LucasArts game from 2010. What's your favorite video game featuring Fett?

For a recap of games, see

  • Which #StarWars MicroMachine featuring #BobaFett was your favorite?

For a refresher on all the sets, see