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  • Interlude by Jon Keim
    Between Vader's instructions and the capture of Han Solo, Boba Fett returns to his ship.
  • Live and Let Die by Michael MacCubbin
    What happens to the bounty after the delivery is not my problem.
  • Night in Sarlacc's by Patricia Goon
    Another night, another incident, another Fett legend.

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  • "#BobaFett looks on as the criminal underworld gathers in Jabba's palace" -- #StarWars: Behind the Magic (1998)

  • RT @LadyStarstorm: Also disappointed that Winter Soldier was ugly under the mask, so sick of movies destroying my masked man fantasies ugh.…

  • RT @Dave_T_Asshound: My #bobafett #ezio #bobafettzio #starwars #assassinscreed #cosplay #bloodmoon

  • RT @JLaC975: JLaC Confessions :"At the age of 8 years I flushed Boba Fett down the toilet to reenact the Sarlacc scene from Return of the J…

  • #Chewbacca vs. #BobaFett. Which Dave Dorman painting of #Fett do you like the most? See all at

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  • "#BobaFett looks on as the criminal underworld gathers in Jabba's palace," notes the caption on the LucasArts "#StarWars: Behind the Magic" CD-ROM from 1998, which features nearly 100 references to Boba Fett and many hard-to-find behind-the-scenes photos. Here's an alternate view from his scene in #ReturnOfTheJedi.

For more play-by-play on Boba Fett in the 1983 film, visit

  • Dave Dorman has made numerous #paintings including #BobaFett, ranging from limited-edition prints to widely-released covers of #StarWars comic books and novels. Here is one incredible piece of #art that included #Chewbacca.

To see all of Dorman's paintings, including one that was never released, visit:

  • In Star Wars #81, #BobaFett flew right out of the #Sarlacc -- right after the "burp" and right before being found by #Jawas and suffering from memory loss! This panel features #illustration by Ron Frenz, Thomas Palmer, and Tom Mandrake. The #comic was written by Jo Duffy, published by #Marvel, and released in 1984.

For more about Boba Fett and the Sarlacc, including George Lucas' quoted perspective over the years on the matter, check out our
Fettpedia article:

  • Joe Johnston's sketches for Boba Fett's design included this one, breaking down all of the various pieces of the costume. This art was included in Star Wars Insider #136.

For more about Johnston and his many contributions to Boba Fett's look, visit his page on our Fettpedia wiki at:

  • This #StarWars fan art -- called "We don't need their scum..." and featuring #BobaFett, #IG88, #Bossk, #4LOM, #Zuckuss, and #Dengar -- combines original line art by Jeff Confer and digital paint by Samantha Johnson. Confer's work frequently features the bounty hunter and even included a 250 limited edition print (not pictured) called "Boba Fett: Concept To Realization," sold at Star Wars Celebration VI.

Check out the full-sized artwork: