George Lucas: "I want to do a Boba Fett story"

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IGN has an exclusive clip of Young Boba Fett and interview with supervising director Dave Filoni:

IGN TV: It’s no secret that Boba Fett has such meaning to Star Wars fans, so when George came in and said, “OK, I want to do a Boba Fett story,” what was your reaction?

Dave Filoni: It’s exciting, because when something like that comes from him, then I know that we should be doing it. It’s always important to me that it’s motivated by George, that it’s the story he wants to tell, and he weighs in on what he thinks and what the scenarios are going to be. But the challenge was going to be: how do we keep this guy mysterious and interesting, when telling the story about when he’s 10, 11 years old — and not giving away so much about him? I didn’t even want, at the end of it, to really know Boba as well as you know Anakin, when you start to see him as a little boy. It had to be different from that, even though there were going to be some similarities. Yes, they’re both kids, but Boba’s a very driven kid. He’s very focused, and because of the death of his father, he’s trying to decide what to do with all of that anger, all of that revenge feeling. It was a great point to come in on his character, and contrast him against Aurra Sing and using the Jedi to see where we can take his character.

See IGN for the three-page interview.

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  2. fish eye no miko says:

    "and not giving away so much about him?"

    [rolls eyes] Ok, I'm a little annoyed with the whole "Not knowing much about a character makes them all mysterious and cool and shit!" Ugh… I happen to like Boba WAY more knowing about his past than I did with him just this silent, faceless "Oh, so mysterious!" dude in cool armor from ESB and RotJ. As long as the storyline you give the character is interesting, I think it helps, not hurts, the character.

    1. Aaron says:

      I completely agree. Doesn't seem at all like they're keeping the mystery alive. It seems to be the same "mystery" that was in Episode 2.

  3. asa says:

    read some fan-fic an that will satisfy you for "knowing about his past".

    1. fish eye no miko says:

      That's not my point at all.

    2. Aaron says:

      Yes, you could. But what Lucas decides as his past is different than what Lucasfilm has decided as his past, which of course is different than what Fett fans have decided as his past.

      Speaking of Boba Fett fan fiction, we here host 94 different fan fiction stories, each about the Fettster:

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