Boba Fett Debuts in Animated "Clone Wars" April 23 and 30

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Updated 4/1/2010 - Two more publicity stills: Young Boba Fett in a Lineup and Young Boba Fett in front of Clonetrooper Helmet.

Updated 3/31/2010 - Two new publicity stills are up: Young Boba Fett (alone) and Young Boba Fett with Aurra Sing.

Just announced today, featured in a retrospective article on Boba Fett in USA Today, we see the first publicity still of Young Boba Fett and get the dates for the debut episodes, the last two of the current season.

Dave Filoni, now the supervising director of The Clone Wars, still remembers getting his. "It came to my house in a little white box," he says. "I knew this had to be the coolest guy in the Star Wars universe -- and he hadn't even done anything yet!"

When the movie finally revealed Fett as a villain -- merciless, but still mysterious -- the character stood out even among Yoda, the tiny, ancient, alien Jedi; gambler-turned-politician Lando Calrissian; and the film's big revelation -- Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

"It speaks to individuality," Filoni says. "The storm troopers look cool, but they're all the same. Boba Fett looked like he'd been through a lot, like he must have a lot of stories. He had that Clint Eastwood vibe to him."

Filoni kept that in mind when bringing Fett into The Clone Wars. The character begins on the show April 23 and continues in the season finale April 30.

"What makes Boba Fett interesting is the mystery," Filoni says. "So I'm very careful about how much we reveal. When you watch the movies later, even if you've seen all the Clone Wars episodes, the mystique is still there. It's not like I'll turn on all the lights in the room."

An interview with us and Daniel Logan, who played Young Boba Fett in "Attack of the Clones" and does the voice for the character in The Clone Wars cartoon, will be coming later this week.

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